New poll says British Columbians and Canadians split over Northern Gateway Pipeline

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New poll says British Columbians and Canadians split over Northern Gateway Pipeline

A new poll conducted by, and paid for by  Angus Reid Global shows Canadians are split on whether yesterday’s decision by the Harper Government to conditionally approve the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal was the right one.


  • 37% said yes.
  • 34% said no.
  • 29% weren’t sure.

Angus Reid VP Shachi Kurl says the BC results were similar.

“So in British Columbia, 38% say it was the right decision, 40% say it was the wrong decision, again a very close split there, and then the remainder saying they’re not sure.”

And she says on the question of whether British Columbians think the pipeline will eventually be built, regardless of their views, 68% said yes.

You can view the full poll here.


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  1. The big business brokers stand to fill their pockets with this pipeline. 550 full time jobs for BC residents is not worth throwing the dice on our environment. Enbridge is on record stating that there is a 90% chance of a spill. I’ll forgo the 550 jobs and ensure our environment is fit for future generations.

    • Absolute nonsense David . . .

      Canada balances its trade with China by exporting our plentiful resources.
      Canada creates thousands of six figure jobs in the process.
      And Billions flow into Federal and Provincial tax coffers to fund your Pension, Healthcare, Education and the many other projects the are involved in.

      This pipeline will GROW the Cdn Economy, which along with reversing Line 9 in the East and eventually building Keystone will make Canada immune from the problems that plague Europe and the US today . . . . DEBT !

      Of course if the Majority of Canadians want the whole country to resemble Quebec and Ontario . . . have at it !

      Any of you ever take a look at Norway? Why did they not join the EU? Why do they have so much cash in the Bank today? They have used their Gas and Oil resources wisely for decades . . . unlike us.
      Did I mention that Norway elected a Conservative PM last year?

      • Clearly the newly-elect Norweigan PM is an opportunist. It has taken decades of fiscal responsibility to build up their rainy day fund approaching 1 trillion dollars. Except it will never reach that lofty number as the conservative PM will shuffle the fund to his friends and insiders.

        But it was good of you to give credit where due.

      • Any one over 40 will never see this pipeline built, but many lawyers will enjoy long careers in the courts. People must stand with First Nations and stop the nonsense. Big oil and Conservatives will eventually go the way of the dinosaurs and the world will move on.

      • Norway is the new darling of resource money management, but let’s also not forget that their vast wealth was derived from OFF SHORE oil exploited safely and responsibly. I’m all about copying the Norwegian model!

        • Rick its a lot cheaper to start with the on-shore stuff first . . .

          Off-shore may be in BCs future as there is nothing to replace gas and oil tomorrow . . . as Ontario has found out while losing 100 million a month subsidizing their useless windmills.

          Off-shore has many more risks, Norway’s last gas field was at a depth of over 5000 meters not an adventure for the feint of heart.

      • Yes and it was a socialist government that did all the work to get it where they are to date in Norway! In Canada the right winger’s Cons will screw it up like Alberta’s heritage fund that before Getty got his hands on it’s $13 billion that most disappeared without a paper trail, as someone did not keep track of where the money was going! Keep up the defending the right whiner’s track record Dale of the lefties coast.

        • “Yes and it was a socialist government that did all the work”

          It may have had some socialist in the govt . . . for sure Ken . . .

          But one positive in the world of dozens of bankrupt, corrupt socialist states is NOTHING to brag about.

          Both Norway and Sweden have been moving away from the socialist model for over a decade now . . . why you ask? Because it does not work . . . and leads to debt and destruction.
          Look no further than eastern Canada where Quebec and ONtario are both a mess.
          Did you know that ONLY FOUR Canadian provinces are paying the transfer payments for ALL the other regions today?

        • And one more point Ken . . .

          The Socialists in Norway did not work to BAN oil and gas exploration, to BAN pipelines, many underwater in the North Sea.
          They were NOT Antis who fought against progress, good paying jobs and financial freedom.

          Unlike here in Canada . . . where the far-left is out of touch with reality.

  2. The Federal NDP is oppose to Northern Gateway in favor of a pipeline to eastern Canada refineries and to be sold in North America.
    Why would Harper not support Canadian refineries and weaning Canada off Mid East oil.

    • The Federal NDP is opposed to Everything.

      Did you know Trev that Mulcair was the Enviro Minister in Quebec for years?
      Why do you suppose Quebec, the have-not-province, is getting 9 BILLION from the west every year? Because Mulcair refused to allow mining, oil and gas exploration.

      BC could be like Quebec . . . just vote for the far-left . . . but just one question?
      Who would send us 9 Billion a year to pay for daycare and free stuff for the unmotivated?

      All over the world Socialist Democratic regimes are either Bankrupt or on their way to Bankruptcy. It is a failed philosophy and if we are dumb enough to listen to Mulcair and Trudeau today . . . we can see our future from here . . . just check out Spain and Greece!

      ps: Trev, let me know when you give up your car, your I-phone and your sneakers . . . all made with the evil petroleum.

      • Hey! You forgot to mention Italy and France which were governed by corrupt right-wing governments. Thank goodness, the French finally saw the light and kicked them out.

        Seems corruption is the norm when right wingers were elected to power in Europe.

        I won’t try to influence anyone but I do do want BC to take such risks. The incremental revenue to our government accruing from construction and on-going operations is chump change. A single spill will wipe out years of benefits.

        And I encourage all supporters of NG to keep lobbying to have NG built because I know they aren’t going to win. They are free to attack me and others who oppose the pipeline. Do we care? No? If they want to waste their time, That is their choice.

        I’m not going to take their word that NG will bring us prosperity.And I will not expect them to agree with me either. Isn’t democracy wonderful?

          • @Ray-No argument about Greece which drove itself into bankruptcy because the elite and welathy evaded taxes. No surprise there.

            So You wouldn’t get an argument from me. I fully agree with you.

            BTW, Dale already mentioned Greece. Pay attention-will you?

        • “Hey! You forgot to mention Italy and France which were governed by corrupt right-wing governments. Thank goodness, the French finally saw the light and kicked them out.”

          Yup Site you are right . . . they kicked out Sarcosi and got Holland.
          Holland promised to reinstate early retirement, tax the rich and bring France back to the pinacle of Socialism.
          What is happening in France today Site?

          Massive Tax Revenue shortfalls . . .
          Unemployment reaching new all-time highs . . .
          France may become insolvent in the next year or two . . .

          Ain’t Socialism Grand Site ?

        • The EU remains a high tax area. In 2012, the overall tax ratio, i.e. the sum of taxes and compulsory actual social contributions in the 28 Member States (EU-28) amounted to 39.4 % in the GDP-weighted average, nearly 15 percentage points of GDP over the level recorded for the USA and around 10 percentage points above the level recorded by Japan. The tax level in the EU is high not only compared to those two countries but also compared to other advanced economies; among the major non-European OECD members for which recent detailed tax data is available, Russia (35.6 % of GDP in 2011) and New Zealand (31.8 % of GDP in 2011) have tax ratios exceeding 30 % of GDP, while tax-to-GDP ratios for Canada, Australia and South Korea (2011 data) remained well below 30 %.

      • Did you not read the post ?
        The Federal NDP have stated in the house they favour and would support the West to East pipeline to feed crude to eastern Canada refineries.
        How is that opposing everything as you said.
        Refining oil in Canada means weaning ourselves off Mid East oil which is why our gas prices are at record levels now so how do you get evil petroleum out of my post.
        You have a mental block or something.

        • The Line 9 to Halifax was approved months ago . . . where you been?

          The only imported oil in Canada is on the East Coast . . . when the oil flows in Line 9 that will END !

          We refine oil in Canada today, in almost EVERY major city . . . are any of them short of supplies? Not to my knowledge.

          Some want to build more refineries in Alberta to refine more oil.
          But then what? How do you move a Dozen different products from the refineries to a port? Build 12 pipelines, put it in railcars or transport it by truck?

          There are 100s of thousands of miles of pipelines in North America, they are by far the safest method to move product . . . but the anti’s are against growth and prosperity

  3. Don’t let people like Adrian Carr fool you in beleiving that everyone is against this project. The left wing ndp and green party want you to fall into their rehetoric that no one wants it.

    • Forget the NDP and the Greens and Adrian Carr is on Vancouver counsel ,about as powerful as a fart in a wind storm! You really have to look as the Grand Chief Stewart Phillips spoke and realize they have not been in consultation with anyone and oppose again and again opposed the future destruction of their lands and waterways.Many people stand with First Nations and will pony up$$$ for the fight in the courts.

  4. The odds of a tanker spill in BC coastal waters are raised significantly when fully loaded 200.000 ton tankers are destined to transit narrow winding tidal channels,at a speed of 8 -10 knots (just to maintain steerage).with constant bad weather,(heavy snow wind and rain),constant course changes and unanticipated tanker equipment failure,ie engine,steering,electronics,not including constant opposing vessel traffic.
    As a retired engineer even the best maintained tankers experience failures.
    Endbridge’s interview states that a tanker spill is inevitable.
    See the video emergency tests conducted in the US with the Alaska tankers,that are conducted each tanker voyage with assist safety vessels.
    Prime Minister Harper is playing Russian Roulette with our province and our environment,so that so when an oil spill happens(and the odds confirm it)Harper walks with no liability.
    The Federal Government will then turn to the Canadian Taxpayer to not only live with a decimated contaminated BC coast,but foot the cleanup bill besides.
    Have we Canadians not yet learned from the
    - Alaska’s tanker oil spill which is still not fully recovered 20 years later.
    - Endbridge Kalamazoo River oil spill where 800 million was spent and recovery still not completed.
    - Gulf of Mexico oil spill where billions of dollars was spent with massive environmental
    damage still remaining today.
    When do Canadians say enough is enough.

    • Thank you R.D. Most insightful. I must add that professional engineers also state that a spill at sea can only ever hope for a 10% recovery rate, and that is with calm seas. We must not let this program for corporate profits get off the ground.

    • Yes RD we are seeing that ALL over the world today . . . tankers sinking left and right . . . oil spills from here to Dubai . . . . and then you woke up Rip Van . . .

      “Massive Environmental damage still remaining today” ?

      Really? Exactly WHERE ! ! ! !

      The Exon Valdes is wearing thin . . . that was 30 years ago . . . and tankers have plied that area several times a week since with ZERO Problems.

      • To Dale
        Your comment re Exon Valdes happened 30 years ago is true.
        The spill of the Exon Valdes resulted in constant safety emergency tests prior to each voyage,additionally the Alaskan crude tankers are running aprox 150 to 165 000 tons.
        The BC crude tankers are at 200 to 250,000 tons,which is a big difference for narrow tidal,twisting inland channels.
        Are you aware that now 30 years later there still remains many many miles of coastline that are still contaminated with crude oil today from the Exon Valdes? (not my words but on the internet).
        Additionally Exon’s staff lawyers have suspiciously delayed court cases with effected Alaskan’s to the extent that some Alaskans have died before the cases get to court,yep 30 years later you said?
        Hard to believe? You bet ch ya?
        Its a fact that was printed of how Exon Oil Company have big bucks,so delay delay delay.
        Alaskan tanker routes transit no where near the passages that BC Tankers from and to Kitimat on an inland water way,accompanied with the weather,tides,narrow channels,vessel traffic all are unique to the transport of large tankers in BC coastal waters.
        Respectfully have you ever sailed on a crude oil tanker and aware of just how long it takes a tanker to be stopped in an emergency?
        The Mexican gulf coast still has crude oil contamination outstanding and the oil company is petitioning the courts to reduce the financial indemnity.

  5. John Winter suggests that NG will allow VCanadian producers to receive world prices instead of low prices from selling into a depressed US market.

    If that is true, why isn’t there a North American price that gives our exporters a comparative advantage?

    Well, consumers get the benefit of world prices already. When there is geo-political unrest elsewhere, we pay more for motor fuel-just like the rest of the world.

    If we export oil to Asia we will pay as much as Asia. Otherwise, shippers will not sell oil to us. Chevron refinery is already forced to bring its stock in by rail because it cannot afford to pay the same price for piped crude as off-shore buyers.

    • We already pay the going market price for oil Site . . . but we sell millions of barrels of oil into the US Midwest at a much Discounted Price . . . because we have no other markets. What is so complicated?

      When Canadian oil is going to the East Coast the West Coast and the Gulf Coast . . . . North America will be completely self-sufficient and foreign oil will not be needed either in Eastern Canada of the USA.

      And Site the North American price is usually the Texas crude price, which is a few dollars less than the European market.
      Just so much you don’t know . . . .

      • Please be assured that I respect your opinion. Well… a just a little bit. I just don’t agree with you. And I don’t expect you to agree with me either.

        BTW, it’s West Texas Intermediate and Brent.

        Please don’t assume others don’t know what they are talking about. But having said that, I’m still entitled to my opinion even if it is wrong.

        I don’t believe you have the social license to act as a “thought police.” China is where thought police are hiding behind every tree.

        • So Site . . . you are OK with Canada getting hosed on oil prices by the USA ?
          Last year alone it was several Billion dollars that didn’t wind up in the Canadian treasury to pay for Pensions, Healthcare etc.

          You and you friends are Ok with the status quo . . . no development, no high paying jobs and no future.

          We import BILLIONS of Dollars worth of STUFF from China every year . . . and you buy plenty of it. But you are against us selling Oil, Gas and minerals to China? That is illogical . . . how do we balance out TRADE DEFICIT?

        • Name ONE Social Democratic Country on the Planet Ken . . . . that is NOT a FISCAL DISASTER?

          Bet you can’t . . . .

          Today is is self-evident that socialism is a bankrupt philosophy . . . the coffee is on Ken . . . take a breath ! ! !

  6. Just in case everyone missed the news item they are commenting on it says that Canadians and Briish Columbians are split on the pipe line . You can yap as much as you want about all the upside and downside but the news item is about the poll.
    I’m in favour of the tax money the Country stands to generate from construction of the pipeline because I want my retirement to remain reasonably comfortable and not worry about my health care and other benrfits derived from such taxes.
    Until the naysayers have “ANY” kind of alternative to the obvious regarding creation of wealth , i’m afraid I have to stick with pipelines as one of the evils of the Oil industry.

  7. Breaking News today 20th. . . the head of NATO chastises Putin for funding Enviro-Radicals in Europe to stop Fracking and gas exploration in Britain, Poland and the Ukraine.
    So far NOTHING on the lame-stream media . . .

    I wonder how much the local radicals get from Gasprom?