UPDATES: City working to rid Vancouver daycare playground of rats

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City crews are working to get rid of a rat problem outside a daycare under Vancouver’s Burrard Bridge.

Albert Shamess , the city’s director of waste management, says a local gardening group had set up a compost pile behind the Beach YMCA daycare, which attracted the rodents.

“So as soon as we were notified yesterday, we sent somebody to clean up the pile, remove all of the material. We’ve got an exterminator down there to try and deal with the rats and we’re going to continue on cleaning up down there.”

He says crews will come in to pave the area, and everything should be back to normal by Friday.

CKNW’s Marcella Bernardo visited the daycare this afternoon when dozens of rats were still scurrying around the compost heap.

One of the parents picking up her son says the pests have been visible almost a week, and the kids haven’t been allowed to play outside.

“Once you get rats, I don’t know how you get rid of them? I saw like 30 or 40 of them within one minute. They’re running everywhere.”

Siobian Smith says her son Maxime was scared, but when he came outside, he was putting on a brave face….

“He was scared this morning standing by the pile. You can ask the kids. They all know about it. They know why they’re being kept in.”

Smith says city staff haven’t returned her calls and she doesn’t think the daycare should be responsible for cleaning up someone else’s mess.


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  1. The joys of having compost piles and chicken coups and wheat growing in your yards.
    Lets hope that moonbeam is gone come November with the rest of his nut bars and all the crap that he has created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hallucination Vancouver strikes again. These people have a world view. Any facts or information that does not fit into the world view is ignored. They were warned that this could happen, but they chose to ignore it because in their view bringing the country back into the city was “sustainable”. Well, the rats certainly agree and it turns out they are smarter than the city council-which isn’t saying much.

  3. B, if you live in Vancouver, my heart goes out to you but for the rest of us watching the Visionistas have their way with the good Citizens of Vancouver is very entertaining. And, for us, it’s free entertainment !

  4. I live in Vancouver and have a couple composts.
    I don’t have a rodent infestation.
    Seems to me the problem is ignorance as to what should be composted.
    But I will say- Vancouver City pick up the green bin every week. Mine goes out maybe twice a month and during the winter months I never put it out.
    So Vision may be dumb on many fronts- but they’re pretty quick on how to snag more money out of most us and providing nothing in return.

  5. Kelly
    You simply have not yet seen your rats, but you have them.

    As for your food scrap waste, are you aware of the plastic composition of that container? Did you ever think about the massive petro-chemical plant it came from in China and the coal that the plant used to make that petro chemical bin?
    How about the massive deisel burning trucks that drive around to collect scraps from the 30% (and dropping) of households that participate?

    Why is it any more sanctimonious for you to have your food scraps rot in the land fill via specialized secondary pick up versus rotting at the same place via conventional pick up or better still versus rotting in the ocean via a garburator (at least the fish get value)?

    It’s time to analyse your enviro-footprint. Stop being so selfish. There are people coming after you.