Chilliwack dairy farms waits to see when milk will be accepted again

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Chilliwack dairy farms waits to see when milk will be accepted again

It’s now a waiting game for the owners of the Chilliwack dairy farm at the centre of an animal abuse controversy to see when their milk will be accepted for processing again.

Farm owner Jeff Kooyman says they have done everything the B.C. Milk Marketing Board has asked of them, such as installing cameras and re-training staff. He adds he had a positive conversation with a member of the Board Wednesday morning.

“We’re very happy with what’s coming in, all the reports. They’ve met with the SPCA, and ‘very happy, everything is coming along very nicely on your part,’ he said.”

Kooyman says the final decision appears to hinge on dairy producer Saputo.

Saputo led the call for the board to stop accepting the farm’s milk. Now, 90,000 a day are being dumped.

The eight workers caught on video abusing the cows have been fired.


  1. Saputo
    You have gone far enough…grow up. No one doubts your products but you should know that a boycott is looming against you.

    Chilliwack Farms did nothing wrong… individual workers are alleged to have been cruel. Throwing innocent co-workers onto the street and wasting natural resources is not the answer.

    RONA and Windsor Plywood did not boycott Western Forest when an employee is alleged to have murdered people at the mill last month.
    You didn’t boycott Canada Post after an employee “went postal” either.

    This is a disgusting PC stunt gone way wrong in an effort to appease a media created monster with an out of controll ego named Marcie Moriarty.

    Grow the hell up !!!
    I am not even a customer of yours but you are about to learn how much Canadians dislike political correctness.

    • Animal protection is political correctness? Did you watch the video for God’s sake? Are you void of any empathy for the animals? You think this family shouldn’t pay a bit of a financial penalty for the torture that these men quite clearly enjoyed inflicting on these animals? Did you watch the video? You should be ashamed for writing against the BC Milk Marketing Board for trying to do something in this case. That family and each of those 8 depraved criminals should be facing jail time. Politically correct? Did you watch the video?

      • You do not know what you are talking about!!!!!! Why should the owners be penalized??? They took immediate action and got rid of these losers and did everything they were asked to do!!! Stop being so stupid!!!

        • Christine is not being stupid.She is expressing her opinion.
          Insulting others in a debate like this is really childish……
          As is the prolific use of exclamation & question marks.

    • Individual workers were FILMED . They were SEEN. They took PLEASURE in hurting these animals. It’s not “alleged” .
      You, MR HH, are about to find out how much Canadians all across this land despise cruelty.
      YOU are the one who’s behaving like a mean cruel CHILD.
      PC stunt? What utter rubbish!

  2. When it comes to enforcement of animal cruelty regulations, will it be complaint-driven or active enforcement. clearly compliant-driven enforcement does not work. Employees are placed in the uncomfortable position of “whistle-blower” which has severe consequences.

    Where is the Agricultural Minister?

    IMO, the Agricultural Minister needs to articulate and implement measures to prevent reoccurence of such despicable practices. He must categorically assure the industry, producers and the consumer that this will not happen again without very serious penalties being appplied.

    Manwhile, consumers and the processors stand together. The market place speaks.

  3. I solved the problem my own way … stopped buying milk from big business an reverted back to the glass bottles and small company of Avalon Dairy. Grew up near the dairy in Vancouver as a child and we always had their products instead of the big names. I have now started to buy their milk again. Not that much more expensive and you are not throwing away plastic jugs or wax covered cartons … and the milk tastes much better too! If you walk with your wallet, it will hurt them far more than anything else that thrown their way!

  4. I agree. Those men definitely enjoyed themselves. I am fairly sure that when someone is convicted of child molesting they are banned from being around children. Kooyman and his sick employees should be banned from being anywhere near the dairy industry for the neglect and for just standing around watching. And apparently this has not been the first charge against the family. As a teacher of grade 6 students I teach my students to expose bullying. The execs at Saputo are being excellent examples of how to be real men and stand up for the rights of those who can’t protect themselves. Those depraved 8 men are being retrained? I would like to have their names as well as the names of the vets who turned a blind eye to the kinds of injuries they have seen coming out of that farm now for years. They should have their licences revoked.

  5. If I injured I child I was teaching I would have my licence revoked. What kind of a veterinarian lets the kinds of injuries go that he saw for years coming out of that farm? Boycotts of the vet business are in order.

  6. More that firing is needed. Large fines for the beaters, community service larger fines for the “family” ( what a load of nonsense “Family farm” !!)) farm owners.

    • I agree. That is what worries me about the is “family farm”. These young men are most likely family members and will not be banned from animal contact. Child mo;esters are banned from being around children. We need to have added to these animal abuse fines some type of criminal bans on these people from ever owning or being near animals.

      • Christine:
        I am very surprised and very disappointed at your reaction to the Chilliwack Cattle (CC) event. As a teacher, especially one so concerned about bullying, I would have thought you would be able to get past the emotional issues and not let them override the facts.
        Here are the facts as we have heard thus far – please correct any inaccuracies:
        The owners of CC fired those involved with the incident AS SOON AS they were made aware of it.
        CC placed surveillance cameras in their barns to curtail further activities.
        I believe CC has complied with all those prerequisites laid down by ‘regulatory’ bodies.
        In spite of your (and other’s) allegations, there has been no proof of the owners (the Kooymans) of CC being involved with or sanctioning the animal abuse that we see in the pro-vegan group’s video (who certainly have an axe to grind and an agenda that will be helped by enflaming the reaction to this event); certainly no complicity with the veterinarians (where do you come up with this stuff?).).
        If you THINK about it just from an economic argument, abuse of the animals is contrary to the interests of CC because it reduces milk production and quality; their involvement just doesn’t make any sense.
        There have been no charges laid yet in this event; certainly not against the Kooyman family.

        Saputo is the son of a family from Montreal and he and his company are based there; they are exceptionally wealthy.
        The Saputo group has been purchasing business (dairy related) in BC and other parts of the world.
        One has to ask; if Quebec, the welfare province, weren’t perpetual bottom feeders at the Equalization trough (taking $7-$8 BILLION this year and expected to take $10 BILLION next year) and their people and businesses had to pay for their spending, would their businesses (i.e. Saputo) have the finances to purchase other businesses? Note: Since Ontario is now at the trough, Western Canada is now the prime source of these funds.
        Like it or not, Saputo’s activities (including acquisitions) are being partially supported by OUR tax money. I strongly believe Saputo is using his wealth (remember partially subsidized by us) to punish and BULLY our local, family-owned dairy farm (CC)and dictate terms to and otherwise influence members of governing boards (in spite of now trying to hide behind them). It is possible there MAY be business motives behind their attacks on our local businesses (i.e. make it easier to buy them out maybe); only they know this one.
        Remember Saputo called for sanctions against CC from “day one”; before all the facts came out and certainly before any resulting charges being laid and obviously before the completion of any legal actions. So, in spite of no charges being laid, no convictions, no proof of CC and the Kooyman family being involved, CC and the Kooymans are targets of the attacks and abuses from Saputo (and others).
        This has resulted in financial losses to CC and the dumping and waste of milk. NW reports “90,000 a day” being dumped (I assume litres – maybe gallons – the units of measurement are not reported by the ‘accurate’ NW story); cows have to be milked daily and because of Saputo’s bullying there is no way to get the product to market.

        Personally, I have taken a stand against the “outsider” bully, Saputo, and from now on I will not knowingly purchase any products from his firm or other companies to which the Saputo name is associated.

        Christine: I guess using your standards, if we now hear of child abuse in your school, before charges are laid and before any convictions it is permissible to start sanctioning all the teachers in the school (involved or not) and put this on their permanent work records. I have a strange feeling you and your union would (rightfully) say we are overreacting and overstepping the bounds. Maybe you should give the same consideration to CC and the Kooyman family; at least wait until the court process has been completed. Christine, I am sadly disappointed and starting to worry about what is being taught to our children in our schools

  7. Jen and Christine….

    Your compassion for animals is commendable. Your grasp of law and order is not.
    There are two issues however, and they are entirely separate.

    I don’t know where you work, but if an employee at your company punched another employee and was charged with Assualt, you would not be happy if your only customer (gov’t mandated to be your only customer) boycotted your company and you lost your job.

    That is an exact parallel.