Gateway decision leads Chief to talk war and jail

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Addressing hundreds of protestors rallying in downtown Vancouver after the federal government gave the thumbs up to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal, a prominent First Nations leader says, the war is on.
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip with the Union of BC Indians Chiefs told a roaring crowd the Harper government has declared war.

“There will be the need to go out on to the lands and on to the waters and to physically stop any effort on the part of Enbridge to do preparatory work, site preparation, surveying, while this matter is in the courts. And I know you know as well as I do, that some of us here are going to jail.”

At one point hundreds of chanting anti-pipeline protestors descended into the intersection at West Georgia and Hamilton blocking traffic, but quickly dispersed.


  1. Seems to me that pipelines are the safest means of transporting oil.
    But should we be shipping bitumen to other countries- I would say- no.
    Rather than ship via rail or truck I would rather have a refinery and end up shipping syncrude or something similar.
    While I side with First Nations interests and concerns- if we expect an expansion of social services and jobs and survival in the world economy we need to find a means to make this work.
    So enough with the politics and the BS and all the meddling of big environment.

    • I would be wonderful to be able to refine the oil in Canada but nobody has yet stepped up to build a refinery.

      Perhaps everybody who has the same idea can all pool their money together to build a refinery.

      • Let Alberta build refineries in their province… or ship it East to existing refineries. The chances of the Enbridge Pipeline being built is becoming less and less and after 2015 I expect there will be damn few PCs surviving the election here. Don`t they get it — BC does not want the Pipeline in the first place! So if there is talk about refining in Canada, fine…. just not in BC.

    • A foreign funded gaggle of enviro-loons does not equal civil war . . . this is foreign interference in our country by global oil concerns that don’t want the competition.

      Today Canadian oil is being sold to the USA at a huge discount . . .

      This chief is bought an paid for . . . there are hundreds of thousands of miles of pipelines all over North America . . .

      No pipeline does not = no oil or no tankers . . . . NO Pipeline = Oil Coming by RAIL.

      • Talk about foreign interference is a straw man argument. Almost all of the Tarsands is owned fully or in part by foreign interests and their advertising arm is the investors – like Janet of Enbridge, like CAPP, and others who have apparently huge deep advertising pockets. So please don`t start on the rest of the world who are speaking out against the `Rip and Ship`attitude of Alberta and Harper but who are concerned about Climate Change and dangers to the Environment. BC is topographically not the best place for a pipeline and our coastline is no place for Supertankers. Over 10 years Enbridge has had over 800 spills of one degree or another and the oil investors want us to believe that our topography and coastline is the place for this pipeline…. sorry, that`s a big NO.

        • Wrong . . . the IRS in the US has been tapped through FOI and the 10s of millions coming to BC from Tides USA, Rockerfeller Foundation, Citgo and other foreign sources has been PROVEN several years ago.
          The Rockerfeller Foundation produced and anti-sands program in which they funded First Nations groups to oppose Canadian oil development.
          Wonder why that was?

  2. Is Grand Chief Stewart Phillip going to war against the other FN groups that are currently proposing two different pipelines carrying the same oil to the coast.? And of course add the two refineries that are supported by various FN.

    • What is your point because of a small number of FN chiefs sided with the government that’s what the Grand Chief Stewart Phillip said they that oppose the FN will fight anyone who will destroy the land and water and many Eastern FN are backing BC FN up ! It seems you of the right with the last 20 years of driving wages sideways leave many people who see that the resources of BC slip out raw everything with no value added for Canadians to enjoy some of this wealth, nothing for our workers, but a few short term Jobs and foreign Interests and workers, get all the gravy.Harper declaration is War! I would not push FN any harder, the right wingers have pushed them to the wall this time! What will they have to lose,if they lose their lands again! Wake up people this will get out of hand with Harper running this!

      • Gee Ken – it’s evil right versus the pious left on this issue is it? It’s a very old and broken drum you are beating (see I even managed to put a FN related comment in there). Remember left wing – right wing – same bird.
        There are lots of people that you call the right (I prefer just right – as being accurate) that want to see jobs in our country and province. But, it is the big unions and supporters of big governments that have destroyed our economy – not the “right”. We call them Progressives – and they are on the right and left of the political spectrum.
        Problem – the obstructionist unions (typically public sector unions), environmental wackos and the like that make it difficult to create permanent, well-paying jobs. The big internationally funded unions are no longer for the workers in our province; they have become soldiers in a movement to create a world wide communist/socialist society (at the expense of the union and non-union workers in the private sector).
        Problem – the free loaders who “work” for government (bureaucracies) and put their salaries and benefits ahead of the interests of the working people and have destroyed incentives to develop our province with mindless and endless, job-killing regulations.
        Problem – fear of having an NDP, tax-and-spend government that gets further out of contact with the majority of people every day and aligns themselves with the environmentalist wackos. (And the crew we have in now aren’t much different)
        Problem – Anyone proposing refineries (or other projects to create jobs in our province) would get the same delusional wackos opposing the projects and the same obstruction through our courts that we face with pipelines. These guys all follow the Cloward and Piven and Saul Alinsky playbooks; because of a lack of spine and effort by the majority, the big investors find friendlier areas in which to invest.
        Just these alone create an atmosphere in which there is so much uncertainty that investment in extremely expensive, long-term infrastructure is untenable. Investment in big ticket items precludes confidence in the long-term stability of our province. The City of Vancouver and Mayor Moonbeam is an example that scares off investment money.
        So, instead we are faced with trying to sell raw resources rather than creating products with them. Maybe if we kept our money in our province instead of shipping it to freeloaders in Ottawa and Quebec we may be able to help fund some of these projects. Maybe if instead of taxing the he** out of people, we allowed those that make the money to keep it and re-invest it we would have the cash to fund mega projects ourselves. Maybe we should learn the lesson that big government doesn’t create jobs; it destroys them; that the answer to low wages is having a vibrant economy in which jobs are easily found. Ken – That’s just for a start; there’s lot’s more that shoots your concept out of the water.
        PS I apologize for any typos in this as I have other things to do and must do this on a “quickie” basis and not spend a lot of time going through it.

        • Haha ! Now your rhetoric about your right and everyone else is wrong. You and your just right crowd have kept wages low for years and now support Foreign workers that not many Canadians workers will enjoy in any of this so called prosperity you speak of without the training that is running behind. Then you sound like a Michael Campbell rants about evil unions and you of the right know how to make us prosper in lotus land, as you have prospered on the backs of the million or so people in BC that have to pay the high rents and prices and part time work, brought to us by foreign buyer’s and artifically high housing pricing.You and yours have had a field day here in BC but the long waiting list in hospitals never fixed, Education going to hell just for privatation, you are of the right and closest to bad that I can see in BC.You are as the financial insitutes that brought the world to it’s knees and blamed the workers and other government for asking for money! today Greek judges continue to contest the government’s attempts to cut salaries, … women into unlikely symbols of resistance to the austerity measures that … and former official on the European Commission’s task force for Greece.You are right, not by a long shot just a right winger tea party type of person, trying for a bigger share of the pie as the rich get richer! Hypocracy at it’s best!

      • A small number? There are two proposals that have access across BC due to the agreement of those first nations involved.

        Enbridge has 60% of the land required for their project with signed agreements with first nations.

        I’m not suggest that the pipeline is a good idea but let’s not pretend that there’s a fair portion of the FN population in BC that is ok with a pipeline

      • So, Ken280, you actually do understand how a democracy works.
        Just the same as the Liberals has a majority and the NDP don,t. Are you suggesting they should pay no attention to those NDPers?

  3. The chief says that the Harper government has declared war. That is the government of Canada. Is the chief preparing to go to war with Canada? It is a ridiculous thing to say that Canada has declared war because a decision was made that is contrary to many people’s wishes.

    In light of historical incidents which include the Gustafsen Lake Standoff which involved the police being shot at, is the chief sabre rattling and inciting war? He is the one who used the word war and is making a link between the government of Canada to Enbridge.

    In my humble opinion since he has now advocated the use of being physical, his language is getting dangerously close to that of somebody prepared to commit treason.

    I wonder what his economic plan is to provide all the thousands of workers who will benefit from the pipeline with well paying jobs.

    • Somebody prepared to commit treason are you kidding me you bring us back to the days of Louis Riel . They took their land,children away and forced them into residential schools not to speak their language or practice their religion with land claims still being worked on after the supreme court of Canada order the lands to be settled and with the word spoken you talk about treason to get your pipeline pushed through, extremist and throwing fuel on the fire! I think you like it.

  4. This one looks tailor made for a referendum. Declaration of War sill valid if a majority of British Columbians vote for it ?? Will Declaration of War include B.C. if that’s the case ?

    • All this Bruce to put Billions in the coffers of the Cdn Govt . . . to pay for Indian land claims and handouts . . . to pay for Pensions, Healthcare, Schools and other govt programs . . .
      Every year Canada looses 18 Billion in revenue while we sell our oil to the US at a huge DISCOUNT because we have no other market access.
      They BUY the oil at $100+ a barrel . . . and it will help balance our Trade Deficit with China.
      Still buying I-phones and running shoes Bruce?

      • Agreed. Oh the outrage of giving the Chinese the opportunity to have what we have – energy, transportation, mobility… all the things that NIMBY British Columbians take for granted. Selling materials and resources to other countries is called “trade” and it has been going on between cultures for a couple thousand years.

        • Selling materials and resources to other countries is called “trade” times have changed the people that are getting the oil to China owns that oil and in the tars sands 1/3 were sold to them they are selling their own oil to themselves! It would be nice if it were Canada selling value added oil to China. Still you will think the pittance of taxes paid to the coffers of Canada and less to BC that takes all the risks, then you call this free trade? Free not likely!



    believe it or not many of us have driven, walked or cycled outside of the city and seen disgusting examples of environmental pollution in many, manysmall homogenous communities.

    Apparently those people do it because its part of their “oral history” to dump cars and fridges etc over the river bank. Who knew?

    • Perhaps Tide USA and the Rockerfeller Foundation will front the bands a few million to clean up their own back yards . . . lol

      A few hundred of the unemployed, unmotivated and uninformed rally in the street . . . . while the severely normal folks are hard at work makin a livin and paying taxes.

      • Dale, sorry you`re having a bad day and can`t get out and join in the rallies for support of the environment and clean air and water and sustainability as opposed to corporate greed for short term gain and against the `Rip and ship` mentality. Yes, it`s too bad that some people feel strongly enough about protecting the environment that they perhaps changed their days off, or gave up plans with their kids on their days off to join in the rallies, or went without pay to join in because they realize the importance of sustainability and the environment over the short term greed of corporations. Yes. it`s really sad you couldn`t join in.

        • Lorri . . . I know you have NOT noticed . . . but Canada is the cleanest, most emission free country on the Planet.
          Yet . . . we have already 10s 0f Thousands of Miles of Pipelines going in every direction. There are several into your home.
          Are YOU ready to part with your pipelines?

          The Reality is Lori . . . Gorebull Warming was a SCAM ! ! !

          But if you are concerned . . . Canada’s total emissions are only 2% of Global Emissions and has been going DOWN in the last decade.
          When you factor in Canada’s Small Population, the Vast Land Mass and enormous amounts of Greenery . . . our Actual Emissions are likely ZERO . . .

          Without oil and gas . . . we would be cutting down trees to keep warm in the winter, how do you think that would effect the forests?
          We would be driving wagons pulled by horses . . .
          Do a little research Lorri . . . see what New York City was like 120 Years ago when thousands of horses plied the streets every day.
          100s of tons of excrement had to be cleared up . . . and did I mention the folks back then barely lived past 40 . . . . unlike today when we live to about 80 years . . . ALL BECAUSE OF FOSSIL FUELS.

  6. How would a First Nations person even know if there was an oil spill?
    Have you ever seen the way they keep their property they live on? Disgusting slobs most of them!!

  7. Well, jail would be less messy, but if the chief wants war-what does he have in mind? Terrorism? Random attacks on the evil white man? Does this man really think this is a sensible way to proceed?

    This project, and ones like it, are needed for Canada to grow and prosper. If nothing else, the governments need the tax revenues to fund health care, pensions and other open ended committments. The increased revenue they need is massive-hundreds of billions-and there is no other industry or area of economic activity with the potential to produce this revenue. The aginners-including the chief-have no answer when asked what the alternatives to the resource sector are. The news media-including the go along to get along consensus types at CKNW can’t even be bothered to press them on this.

    War indeed! We need more common sense and less drama queen stuff like this.

  8. Reading through all of the comments, one thing stands out….. almost all of the conversation from those who support the pipeline coming through BC talk only about money and benefits (long and short term jobs, wages) but not one word about either sustainability or protection of the environment. Even Premier Lougheed of Alberta was taken aback by the rush to `Rip and Ship` the dirty bitumen. He himself originally planned for sustainable resource extraction of the bitumen – not this wholesale rush to Greed at the expense of the Environment. Bear in mind, that the lands of the north of Alberta are a very important part of the lungs of our planet and the degree that we are losing those lands to these oil sands projects is further degrading our environmet and weather patterns as well as poisoning the lands and waters. This is not sustainablility – this is madness in the name of corporate greed.

    • Remember the famous words, “It’s the economy stupid”. Ultimately even you will default to ‘economic’ wellbeing, i.e. a job and some form of income. The BCTF has also taken very high-minded positions against big resource projects in the province, but right now THEY WANT A RAISE AND THEY DON’T CARE WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM!

    • So Lorrie . . . pipelines are by far the safest, emission free method to transport oil . . . so if you stop the pipeline, then what?

      Do you prefer RAIL? Because that is how the oil will be transported to Kitimat and Prince Rupert . . . maybe you have CNR stocks . . . yes !

  9. 2 CARS

    I don’t know about you guys, but I use a lot of gas and diesel and if this pipe line makes it any cheaper, I’m all for it!!!

    What’s the big deal about a spill anyways?
    Where do you think this stuff comes from, oh yea, the ground!!

    Maybe some of you tree huggers can ride your bicycles to Hawaii on your next holiday.

    Oh, and how did you get to the rally!! Did you walk or drive?

    I thought so!!!

  10. I’m proud of the chief. He will have thousands of BC residents standing shoulder to shoulder with First Nations to make damn sure this plan never sees the light of day.

  11. How come they only know one drum beat?

    They should hire Neil Peart to give them a few drum lessons and a gardener to show they how to keep their yards.

    How can you respect anyone that lives like they do.

    Go check out the Rez right on the waterfront in Whiterock just before the border. My old mom’s got a trailer in the veterans cap site beside the Rez. I have to pass by it to go and visit her.

    The Rez is a disgusting mess!!

  12. When I heard Grand Chief Stewart’s “declaration of war” I laughed so hard I almost drove into one of his protestors beating on a drum in a downtown intersection. The Chief must have been inspired by the movie “The mouse that roared” where Peter Sellers, a general with an army of 20 men from a little country of Grande Fendwick declares war on the United States with the intention of immediately surrendering so that the U.S. will provide bountiful amounts of monetary aid to support and rebuild their impoverished country. Gee this movie seem very familiar. It took decades for first nations to get the respect they deserve and it only took one stupid comment from a chest thumping chief to damage the reputation of an entire nation. If the chief truly wants to prove his leadership, quit the “war path” posturing, sit down and negotiate the best terms possible for your people recognizing that in a civilized society, unlike Iraq, the elected government, whether we agree with or not, is democratically elected to make decisions in the best interest of the country.

  13. J is on the money. The chief wants $$$$ from the rest of us. Where does he propose we get it from?

    I read people suggesting that this is some kind of short term money grab Really? Billions are going to be spent on this project and this is for a short term get the money and run deal-anyone who thinks this way is just dumb. The corporate greed line is always good for a laugh-anyone who has a pension (personal, employer sponsored, CPP, you name it) is a de facto beneficiary of projects like this. And anyone who doesn’t follow that is just clueless.

    -there has been a 400% increase in the transport of oil products by train in recent years. This is less safe and less environmentally friendly than pipelines

    -without the resource projects up north, tens of thousands of “ordinary people” (as the NDP describes them) would be thrown out of work. Many people from Vancouver Island leave from airports here every week, coming home after 2 weeks or so. The Nanaimo airport traffic is increasing almost month by month. Shut the developments down, as the greens would like-and there is no work for them here at all. Nothing. Unlike people in Metro Vancouver, people in the rest of BC have not cashed in by flipping condos to well off immigrants and foreign buyers-the rest of the province needs real economic activity.

    ANd finally, where is government going to get the money it needs? If you think “taxing the rich” is the answer, think again. Won’t work here, hasn’t worked anywhere else either.