BC Milk Marketing Board no longer taking milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales

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BC Milk Marketing Board no longer taking milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales

The BC Milk Marketing Board is rescinding their decision to accept milk from the Chilliwack dairy farm caught up in controversy after staff were caught on camera abusing animals.

A written statement says the board is bowing to requests from milk processors that orders do not include product from that farm until additional independent audits have been carried out.

All milk from that farm will also be destroyed.

The Milk Board halted milk pick ups from the farm last week but the next day resumed normal operations after receiving confirmation that animal welfare issues were being dealt with.


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  1. Dear Mr. Saputo…..

    We are satisfied that Chilliwack Farms has addressed this situation to the full degree of the duty upon them as a custodian of animals. Additionally, it is now a criminal investigation.

    We will not only continue to meet and exceed our customers’ demands for industry leading quality and safety, but we will do so ensuring the highest levels of animal welfare.

  2. This is a case where a milk processor, namely, Saputo, by refusing to take Milk Board milk sourced from the Chilliwack Dairy Farm, is protecting it’s own brand. Saputo is wise to back away and let the SPCA, CDF, etc sort it all out . Why step into the same cow pie?

    To continue purchasing CDF milk before the issue has completely played out, would cost Saputo enormous harm. It has learned well from Joe Fresh, Lululemon, Target and GM.

    • Wrong again, as usual. The BC Mil Marketing Board is. Making a knee jerk reaction despite confirmation the abuse issues were being addressed. Typical public relations. Politically correct cowardice and typical uninsiteful responses from armchair quarterbacks

      • I love the responses I generate-I will be able to repeat myself.

        I would not call it a knee-jerk reaction by the Marketing Board-HECK, it had no choice when a big processor, such as Saputo, says it will not buy the product if it contains CDF milk for the time being. That said, I buy my milk in Wa where a gallon is around $3.00 CDN so I’m not a fan of Marketing Boards.

        Why should Saputo step into cow do-do to save CDF? CDF created and has the problem. Saputo does not need to have its brand associated with abuse and exploitation of either animals or workers. Remember the factory collapse and Joe Fresh clothing?

        When it claimed BC had the toughest animal cruetly laws after the Whistler sled dog fiasco, BC forgot that animal cruetly lawsapply to all animals-except first Nations sawmill workers. It just paid lip service as usual and did not enforce its laws.

        I congratulate Saputo for refusing milk that is perfectly fine but tainted by allegedly criminal practices at CDF. I’m glad that Saputo stepped up.

        I wouldn’t take CDF or the dairy industry’s word that the industry is trustworthy and has cleaned up its act. For how long? As for self-regulation or policing when the cat is away, the mice will play. This issue has yet to play out.

        While that is my perspective, you have the right to disagree with me and tell me I am wrong. Enjoy.

  3. Serves them right for not dealing with this terrible abuse to these animals sooner. Hopefully the 8 cheap jerks will be punished to the MAXIMUM. There pictures should be posted through the media so we all will know who these losers are.

  4. They are the biggest dairy farm in Canada so if they can’t sell their milk the cows could end up being slaughtered. If nothing else- this very bad situation might improve conditions for farm animals right across the country. And we should be demanding nothing less.
    I’ve decided to boycott Saputo’s products since it seems to me their actions have everything to do with distancing the company from the problem.