Premier says she won’t stand in way of pipeline referendum

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Premier says she won't stand in way of pipeline referendum

As we wait for the federal government say “Yes” or “No” to the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, BC’s Premier says she won’t stand in the way of a group demanding a province-wide referendum on approval.

“Well,  I think if there is a referendum, it’s up to them to decide, up to the public to decide, I’ll let that unfold as it may.”

Christy Clark adds none of the proposals put forward so far have her approval,  yet.

“There are five conditions; any proposal to expand heavy oil through British Columbia needs to meet the five conditions. Enbridge hasn’t met them yet, and they need to before they would be approved by our province.”

The Dogwood Initiative has just launched the, a campaign demanding a province-wide vote,  much like the one that defeated the HST.


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  1. Ah, drop-out leadership: Not sure, can’t-make-up-my-mind, conflicted, let-someone-else-decide, dun no, too hard, got a mini-pedi appointment. Hey Premier Barbie, do us a favour: resign.

    • That means she has faith that either the group will not get enough votes or that the referendum will fail.

      You’re just trying to find anything to grasp at. Funny how a drop out is running our province and a lot of educated goons like philopsohy majors have done nothing in their lives. Premier is a pretty good fete, especially for a drop out.

    • You have to realize the NDP lost, quite badly in the last Election so get over it.
      Actually she has done very well as a drop out, wouldn’t you say?
      Just shows that you can do well even as a drop out.
      How much have you achieved or do you just like to belittle people
      Must be an NDP/BCTF er, hence the nastiness?

      • Hey Dwight, Christy Clark was part of a political party that threatened to put my wife in jail for teaching. So spare me the lecture, mom. This is nasty and personal, very personal.

        • What are you talking about. Your wife must have broke the Law, and Teachers have to abide by the same laws as everyone else.
          You seem to have trouble understanding these things.
          What decision did Clark not make? She said that she would not stand in the way,. Is that not a decision?

          • @dwight

            I must respectfully and sincerely note that Justice Griffin ruled that the government stripped teachers of their constitutional right to bargain class size and composition. I would suggest that the government broke the law as well. Now, the government has exercised its right to appeal her decision.

            So I’m sure that the teacher and wife whom you allege may have broken the law is also afforded the right to appeal her conviction. But, you have no basis for suggesting that she broke the law.

            You are so right that everyone, including teachers and the government, must respect and obey the law.

          • @Insite.

            You’re telling Dwight that he has no basis for suggesting she broke the law? HAHAHA You don’t get put in jail for following the law. If she was breaking the law or not-cooperating with the police, then yes he has a basis.

  2. The only thingy is this Christy Clark has so many backers now, but before the last election no one stood beside her, but one Harry Bloy. Seems this strategy was already counting on the win or knew for sure the win was in the bag, and everyone else in BC were so stupid all of you here never knew Christy was going to win we all were reading the polls now they can all say they never backed Christ Clark. Quick wins strategy was a sure thing, but at what expense to democracy, and remember its still under investigation, and I hope the RCMP will call it straight, and not a squeaky clean ride again ?

  3. I see Cristy is trying to deturmin , which way the wind will blow , because she doesn’t know which way to go , What if they built the pipe line through the States . and by passed BC ,

    • George, the public is deluding itself if they thought she was ever in charge. The real decision makers don’t sit in Cabinet, or in the Leg, but in the boardrooms and waive big cheque books at her. That’s how the fed pc’s and the our provincial Liberals are organized . We the unwashed masses are duped by their rhetoric and blindly buy in. Dumb, but that’s what western democracies have become! Any effort to change the electoral system is stonewalled – it doesn’t serve the political interests of the party in power.

  4. If anyone believes this pipeline will not be built, they can borrow Dex’s tin foil hat (see previous post for context). We will have a pipeline regardless of all this pretense of concern; why? because it works for industry and will create economic activity, the currency of politicians.

  5. Actually I agree with Christy Clark’s five conditions that have to be met before Gateway receives BC approval. It means that it will be a long time before Gateway gets built, if ever, and that’s a good thing.

    • Once approved, federally that is, it does not building begins the very next day. Enbridge needs permits from BC. If those 5 conditions are not met, those permits are not handed out. Simple.

      Seems like we actually agreed on something.

  6. The anti’s want to have a vote?

    The question is . . . do we want prosperity and progress . . . . or do we want to join Ontario and Keybec in the Credit Downgrade, Have-Not Category?

    The last election told the story . . . the Dixster was against pipelines, refineries, and any development in BC . . . he LOST . . . .

    Alberta oil is coming to BC . . . the only question is whether it be by Rail or Pipeline.