Premier promises increased funding for people with disabilities

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Premier promises increased funding for people with disabilities

The provincial government has unveiled a ten-year plan to help more than half a million British Columbians living with long term disabilities.

Premier Christy Clark says the plan includes more than seven-million dollars worth of improvements in education and job training.

She says, “We are taking skills training extremely seriously as a government –more seriously than any government ever has and part of that is to reach groups that have been traditionally underemployed, women, people who live with disabilities and First Nations people. Those are huge opportunities for the whole province that we’re missing out on right now. We want them to be a part of it.”

Critics have been angry with Clark for refusing to increase monthly assistance payments, but she insists that funding needs to be ‘affordable,’ so it can only rise if the economy improves.


  1. And will this help a friend of mine who is unable to work full time in the labour intensive job he’s done for over 40 years? He was told he’s not disabled enough to collect disability, that at 54 years of age, he can get another job… right. On what planet?

  2. Well, the government will have nearly $200 million saved as a result of the teachers’ strike by the end of June.

    Once you could take the promise of a growing econmoy to the bank. Now, instead of “when”, we are told “if” the econmy improves.

  3. The Premier states that financial help can only happen when the economy improves. Did she apply the same principles when she decided to raise the minimum wage or added another statutory holiday? I guess it’s easier to spend someone else’s money when an election is forthcoming.

  4. This is NOT good news for people on disability in this province. I bet job clubs such as Bowman Employment, Buxton Consulting, and new job clubs that will manifest as a result of the Premiers decision will be tickled pink.

  5. What a F’n joke! My sister is on disability and can hardly survive. In fact her condition has become worse as a direct IN-Action of this government over the last 20 years. The economy eh? Well that’s an easy one to weasel out of. However, We’ve been told for the last Liberal run that the economy has been improving, yet Disability rates have NOT kept up with inflation or gone up at all. So people are suffering. This is a mere slap in the face! The fight must be taken to new heights. This is UNACCEPTABLE in this filthy rich province! RAISE THE RATES and most of these other issues will vanish off the list!

  6. Bla Bla Bla , CRAP ,7 million over 10 years , for 1/2 a mmillon people , Cristy what have you been smokeing , BC , payes out about $900 a month per Client for Diabuilaty ,
    Alberta , payes out $1500 a month . Some of that money comes from tha Feds .
    The high cost of Rent in The lower Main Land , is one of the obstacles to liveing here , and we are loseing the brightest and the Best to Ontario , because they can’t aford the rents and the high price of food . So they are all heading to Ontario , mean while more and more future slum land lords enter the province and buy up the rentle properties , evict every one , paint and do miner repairs , than re rent the units for 3 times of former rents , leaveing a lot of folks out in the cold , Why don’t we keep the best and the brightest , here , and send the future slum land lords to Ontario , Or back to where come from .

    • Why do people on fixed income or disability and therefore not working find it necessary to expose themselves to the high cost of living in a city like Vancouver? Surely there are more affordable areas in BC. I support assisting persons with genuine proven needs, but I would be concerned that putting payments on parity with Ontario will only result in jurisdiction shopping.

      Maybe once the big LNG projects brings in all the promised money things will improve.

    • I’m disabled but fortunately don’t depend on govermin’s help. to the contrary PAY taxes.

      The Premier promising Seven million dollars to Half million disabled people for TEN years, that means $1.40 that is One Dollar and Forty Cents a year. And she has the cheek to brag about this insulting pittance, price of a cup of coffee and call it help? Shame on her