UPDATED: Veteran’s family happy IIO appoints ‘civilian monitor’ to review findings in his death

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The sister of a Prince George man shot to death by RCMP two years ago wants to know why it’s taken so long for an independent review to be launched.

Tracey Matters says she’s been calling for an independent probe of the Independent Investigations Office’s report ever since after a coroner’s inquest into Greg Matters’ death revealed discrepancies in what actually happened the day her brother died.

“The web of bureaucracy has been infinite, it’s been ridiculous how intertwined government bodies are, and the lack of information, and the lack of support for families in these circumstances is unbelievable and inconceivable, it’s just awful.”

Matters says she’s glad the IIO, which is the civilian-led body that looks into incidents of death or serious harm involving police, has finally appointed a civilian monitor, Vancouver lawyer Mark Jette, to review its findings that, once again, cleared officers of any wrongdoing.

Matters, 40, had been living with his mother while being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Police were called to the home in September 2012 after he assaulted his brother and the IIO concluded he was armed with a hatchet when he was shot.


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  1. Well my thought is that having been a sworn police constable in B.C. I have never been accused of shooting a suspect in the back.

    This is disgusting and someone has to truly have field experience and wonder how the import bureaucrat can explain such entry and exit wounds in good conscious.

    After all we as tax payers are paying for this and he is accountable.

    • Of course he is accountable, but I hope that you, having been a sworn constable would understand that if somebody turns their back on you to enact death or grievous bodily harm to your coworker or anybody for that matter, the use of possible lethal force is required.

      If what people are understanding from the media release is that the police attended the property with the intention to shoot Greg MATTERS, please look in to the matter more thoroughly.

      Unfortunately there are certain situations that we as the public expect police officers to be the ones to deal with and sometimes those situations require a police officer to use a certain level of force to protect them self, a co-worker or a member of the public.

      If there is a lack of support services that cause a tragic situation to occur, why are the police blamed. They were just responding to a call for service and doing their job.