Education Minister says progress has been made in talks

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Education Minister says progress has been made in talks

Progress has been made at the bargaining table but the Education Minister says there’s a lot of work still to be done before a deal is done with teachers.

Peter Fassbender says the BCTF is looking over the comprehensive package government put forward this past weekend.

He says it includes an increase in wages and what he calls, “realistic and flexible solutions to address class composition.”

He says everyone broke at midnight after what he says were productive sessions.

The BCTF  announced President Jim Iker will speak at 10am.

Says Fassbender, “I don’t know what they are going to say. I am not in a position to reveal any of the detals other that I still remain optimistic.”

Teachers are having rallys at their study sessions around the province today.

A full scale strike is set for tomorrow.


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  1. What progress…??? You didn’t respond until 5:30PM on Sunday night…Are we as a Province seriously wanting these goons to run our Province…This goes beyond the teachers, and to the fact that “The people’s” voice aren’t being valued or heard…They do want they want or dictatorship…This is what our Province has become. I believe we should put a recall vote into action right away…For every citizen of BC…We don’t live in a democracy anymore and that is what you should be fighting…

    • To answer your question, yes! The province soundly elected the Liberals just a year ago fully knowing the history with these BCTF “goons”. Government has to deal the spending of the province and they’re doing it. Just say it, you don’t like how they’re doing what they said they’d do. That’s democracy.

  2. Seriously? Let’s get the real facts- and since these meetings are recorded this information IS available for public scrutiny: it was the BCTF that tables anew comprehensive package on Friday NOT the government. They governments did NO bargaining or discussion until late Sunday night when they turned down everything in the new BCTF package and actually went BACKWARDS on their last wage proposal! They even went so far as to indicate that if the Supreme Court rules against them AGAIN- that they would dissolve the collective agreement entirety. I believe there is a political term for this: fascism. This government is preemptively suggesting that they will defy the Supreme Court of Canada by dissolving the BCTF Collective Agreement if the Court rules in the BCTF’s favour! Wow-that’s nothing like democracy now is it? So Christie- what’s it like to stand on that ivory tower thinking yourself to be above the law? Look to history for what happens to such corrupt “rulers.”

    • If your information is correct, and I have no reason to say otherwise, that is a powerful condemnation of the Liberal’s sense of the Rule of Law -usurping rights by outright defiance of Supreme Court Rulings. This is the stuff that happens in other countries, surely not Canada.

      • How is Shelley’s information at all correct? Doors were closed, reporters had no information. The bits of info this morning have been given by Iker and Fassbender and neither are likely to be 100% correct (and further, Iker hasn’t shown himself to be anything close to credible or reliable). Shelley’s comment is her guess based on nothing but her politics.

    • Shelly do you have reliable source for this comment?

      “They even went so far as to indicate that if the Supreme Court rules against them AGAIN- that they would dissolve the collective agreement entirety”

      If so, can you post it please. The position is troubling and speaks to “good faith” – if you can, please post. Thanks.

  3. fastspender says progress has been made!! Wow.

    Seems he was reading a different book than the rest of the world.

    And LorAx. A legal contract or court ruling of any type means nothing to these clowns.

    • So, according to the BCTF, Fassbender lied this morning on your show this morning saying the Liberal Govt. had been bargaining all week-end. Not so, said Jim Iker. So who do you believe? Have to take the teacher’s side, knowing that Christy Clark’s record in dealing with the teachers has been a disgrace. Families first, what a joke!

  4. Why doesn’t CKNW get Fassbender on again tomorrow, and get him to justify his lie that he was bargaining “IN GOOD FAITH” all weekend, when really he and his goons did nothing…I would like to hear what he has to say…Wake up people…!!! This is not a democracy anymore…This affects way more people than just the teachers, and the only people I can see supporting what they do are the small percentage of people who are actually benefitting from them being in power..Right Ron…??? And if your not benefitting from them financially Ron, than you’re a bigger fool for supporting them than I thought…!!

    • There you go off on financial benefits again. Maybe someday you’ll discover everything’s not about making more money. I speak out for free – no hidden motive and no strings attached. As Iker tells you over and over, you’re the entitled one, not me.

  5. Im reading these posts and i see the same people posting over and over. Yet i cant find any of my posts??? What happened to free speech ? Moderate that. .. How do i un sign up. It appears to me all media is told what to say. Sellouts……