Update – Dairy giant boycotts Chilliwack dairy farm where cows were abused

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Update - Dairy giant boycotts Chilliwack dairy farm where cows were abused

The head of Dairy giant Saputo is calling for jail time for those who are accused of abusing cattle on a Chilliwack farm.

Lino Saputo Jr says he was appalled when he saw video of workers allegedly abusing cattle at Chilliwack Cattle Sales.

He says there needs to be penalities for those who took part in the abuse, “We will be getting all the stakeholders together to initiate and encourage reform. There needs to be appropriate legal measures put in place enforceable by law and if that means that there will be penalties including jail time, we will support that.”

Saputo says he’d like to visit the Chilliwack farm at some point but before that would like an independent and expert inspection carried out.

The eight workers involved in the abuse have been fired and the BC SPCA is recommending animal cruelty charges.


  1. That’ll solve it !! Have to keep milking the cows and discarding the milk, though. I can see a price increase coming due to the milk shortage. This is, after all, the largest Dairy in Canada ! Bound to affect the price.

  2. It’s not the owners who were abusing the cows; the offending staff have been dismissed; the offenders face charges; there are steps being taken to increase scrutiny of employees. Did anyone actually THINK and come to the conclusion that it is not in the best interests for their (Chilliwack Cattle) animals to be abused? I’m not a a dairy farmer, but I understand that abuse of cows dramatically reduces milk production (and probably quality).
    Saputo wants to fall into PC. Guess what;, Saputo products will no longer be in our household. Boycotts can go both ways.

    • “Did anyone actually THINK and come to the conclusion that it is not in the best interests for their (Chilliwack Cattle) animals to be abused?”

      I don’t know, you tell me. They obviously weren’t doing anything to prevent it. Without being hit in the wallet, as the boycott hopefully will, I doubt any serious action would be taken to prevent it. Your comment that “Saputo wants to fall into PC” pretty clearly indicates where you stand on the issue…it is political correctness to condemn animal cruelty, rather than a natural reaction.

    • John: Won’t speak for the others, but yes I am very sure about my comments!
      Let’s summarize my “feelings are” on this one (and yes they are as every bit as emotional as those of on the opposite end of the equation) as well as some of the Saputo facts:
      Don’t know anything about Saputo personally but I suspect Lino Jr. is doing this in order to get the Saputo name in the news (free advertising).
      Saputo is based in Montreal and my “emotional” reaction is that I’ve had enough of people from Eastern/Central Canada (especially the Quebec freeloaders) telling us how to run things in BC and Western Canada. Thank you we can handle this one ourselves; without their input. So good the old, arrogant Lino can take his poutine and go home and work on their provincial debt without using our money.
      Saputo initiated the boycott without all the facts coming out – but i guess his “Quebec” arrogance allows him to boycott or push for economic sanctions on ‘us Westerners’ without all the facts. After all compared to the wise ones from the East we’re just a bunch of hicks.
      The original story came from a pro-vegan group (Mercy For Animals) and I suspect the fact that Chilliwack Cattle is the (or one of the) biggest producer(s) made them a target – Just like I suspect the motives behind the original release are probably are based on a PC, pro-vegan philosophy (go to their web site).
      So I am very sure about my stance in regard to Saputo.
      As for equating my comments with true animal abuse (as it APPEARS to be in the video) I think is an illogical and enormous step. I guess one has to ask, are you involved with pro-vegan groups or philosophies? As I have repeatedly stated, I have had more than enough of the pious chest-beating of the PC crowd. John, don’t know you personally, but IF you are a vegan, maybe you should ingest a little more animal protein and you wouldn’t be making such illogical leaps. Think about it!

  3. I grew up on a dairy farm and if those cows don’t continue to get milked on schedule they will really start bawling and their teets are going to start leaking..

  4. My own take on this problem is that of the existance of the Factory farms that are allowed to operate. The sheer size of these operations is the problem. I believe that in Canada, the family farm should be allowed to exist . The number of animals allowed should be no more than the farmer raising these animals can handle efficiently. This aaplies to all farm raised animals including chickens, turkeys , swine and other confined factory raised meat and products. There would be more direct care involved if more people were allowed to raise them. The fiscal protection afforded to factory farms should be phased out !!

    • So how much are you prepared to pay for eggs, milk, meat, veges, etc.?
      “Factory farms” aren’t always the best answer and there may be some associated problems, but please give us an economical alternative for this country (considering population and physical characteristics) that won’t financially break all of us that just wish to eat.
      But then again – if we allow (or better even induce) man-made global warming, we could have longer growing seasons and have more locally produced foods, As a benefit, we could even prevent the next ice age. Great idea Brian.

  5. I stopped drinking cows milk a long time ago – it’s ‘goodness’ is highly overrated. If I knew then what I know now, my kids would never have never drank it. It’s highly overrated and over processed. It also begs the question – how come North America is one of the highest consumers of milk, yet also has one of the highest rates of osteoporosis.