Vancouver School Board approves policy revisions addressing transgender youth

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Vancouver School Board approves policy revisions addressing transgender youth

Vancouver School Board trustees have approved a contentious plan aimed at implementing better supports for trans gender youth.

Around 100 people packed into the meeting, some wearing bright colours and rainbow flags, others waving placards that read education not indoctrination.

The motion, which includes gender-neutral washrooms in schools and confidentiality for students struggling with their gender identity, passed with all in favour except Ken Denike and Sophia Woo.

Lord Bing Secondary student Violet Read says it will make schools safer.

“Friends would come to school and not feel comfortable using the washroom and come to school in their gym strip because their change rooms were not a safe place for them to be. The 2004 policy was amazing and great but I think we can do so much better as a school, and I think the fact that this motion carried through is the most amazing thing that’s happened in my entire school career at  VSB.”

Student Roison O’Dwyer says it will make classrooms more inclusive.

“Gender segregated activities in school; I think all students should be able to partake in everything.”

The two NPA trustees opposed to the motion were recently booted from the party’s caucus for questionable comments made about transgender students effecting property values.


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  1. Congrats VSB.
    Congrats for standing up for kids and not bowing to the bigotry blatantly displayed on the news this morning.
    …. and for not bowing to made-up pressure about property values or whatever that was.

    • Hey, opinionated…. this might be the only time I agree with you. Don’t let it go to your head!

      This is a win not just for the LGBT community, but for all those of acceptance. Always a great day when bigotry takes one in the teeth.

  2. Not quite sure they have to have these washrooms – aren’t there stalls in the boys/girls washrooms that trans gend can currently use that afford privacy?

  3. Kudos to the VSB for making it clear that it has an inclusive policy. It has demonstrated that it’s policies are congruent with modern thinking.

    Faith-based educational institutions could really learn from the example set by the VSB. TWU specifically comes to mind. Disclaimer: I am expressing my own opinion. Others are completely free to express theirs.