Seaspan enters arbitration with union members manning B.C. port operations

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Seaspan enters arbitration with union members manning B.C. port operations

The union representing longshoremen and the company that provides ship docking services at BC ports has agreed to binding arbitration– averting a potentially crippling strike at Port Metro Vancouver and other BC ports.

Mark Gordienko is the President of International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada.

“It’s a mediated process, and in the end if it can’t get resolved we go to binding arbitration. The reason the union has agreed to it, is because of some pretty extreme pressure, because no one wants a strike in the industry. And that pressure is coming from Ottawa, with what’s already happened in the industry with the truckers, so there was extreme pressure put on.”

Seaspan and the union representing tugboat captains and engineers reached a similar agreement earlier this month.

The progress comes after Federal Labour Minister Kellie Leitch flew into Vancouver, to help broker a deal with Seaspan and the two unions.


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  1. Compulsory binding arbitration in the public education system will put an end to classroom disruption because differences will no longer be resolved by strikes and lock-outs (which will be banned by mutual agreement as the the charter may prevent government from banning strikes outright).

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    With a faith-based education, should you not be more tolerant and forgiving of others with differing views?

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      • I have been advocating binding arbitration on this forum since mid-April and this story reinforced my thoughts that if binding arbitration works in the private sector, with commitment from the parties, it could work for the BCTF and government. And that is a problem for you?

        In offering my perspective, I did not attack anyone or anyone else’s opinion. Of course, if they disagree, they are perfectly free to offer their perspective-including yourself, But you didn’t and chose to attack me instead-as evident in your initial response. Unfortunately, our conversation deteriorated from there.

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