Mission shooting prompts calls for more action to combat domestic violence

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Mission shooting prompts calls for more action to combat domestic violence

A women’s advocacy group is calling on the provincial government to take action after another violent domestic dispute in BC, which the group says is the ninth in three months.

Hilla Kerner with Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter says the most recent case of a 69 year old woman allegedly shot by her 70 year old husband in Mission yesterday is highly disturbing.

“We are demanding an immediate response from the province. The Premier must speak up, we want to know what she is planning to do, and we want to know what other ministries are planning to do. It’s very very dramatic and women in Vancouver, women in British Columbia, need to know they will be protected by the province.”

The woman was taken to hospital and is expected to recover.


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  1. Science seems to have agreed that ‘crystal balls’ really do not work very well. I do not think either the Provincial government or the Police have found a new improved ‘crystal ball’ to predict these events.

  2. I am glad I got out before this happened to me…. But my son is not. I fear for his life every time he visits his dad. Who is a police officer. Emotional violence is the doorway to physical violence. It all needs to be stopped earlier.

    • Your right throwing money at it will not help. But making emotional violence a criminal act, then we may start taking steps in the right direction. A child that witnesses golf clubs being broken because the ball did not go the right way, having living room chairs being thrown across rooms (out of anger), having hammers broken, holes in doors being made and being encouraged to play with dead animals. That is just to name a few items, there were many, many more items broken. When these types of things are reported then the person accused should immediately have restricted access or no access and they should start anger management programs. Unfortunately at this time everyone in a place of authority just puts their hands up in the air and says that their hands are tied and nothing can or will be done. This teaches our children that it is okay to scare your loved ones out of their minds and no one will care. This is when the violence escalates to physical violence.

  3. Well, I wonder if instead of “demanding” action this group could give a few suggestions as to what they think should be done ??? Unfortunately, they have no realistic suggestions as predicting this sort of thing is impossible.

  4. There is a very simple way to reduce violence against women…..when a man has a restraining order placed against him, make it mandatory for a locator bracelet to be installed on him. If he goes within a predetermined distance of the woman have an alarm set off to warn the woman and alert the police to come and arrest him
    How quickly do you thing our Supreme Court of Canada would rule that to be a violation of rights and kill that law ?

  5. The police already forward reports to crown counsel when there is nowhere near enough evidence to support a charge in domestic violence cases.

    The only things left to do in British Columbia is to make it a criminal offence for a victim of domestic violence to initiate contact with the accused. The other is to make it a criminal offence for the victim to not testify in court.That way the victims can be taken into custody when they fail to do either of those. Then they will be safe from the accused.

    It sounds ridiculous but when victims do not make wise decisions and people are calling on the government to do something about it, that is when victim’s rights start to be taken away.