Intense negotiations continue between BCTF and government

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Intense negotiations continue between BCTF and government

The BC Teachers Federation and the government’s bargaining unit are holed away, as intense negotiations continue in the hopes of staving off a full-scale strike this upcoming Tuesday.

Rich Overgaard with the BCTF says no more will be said in the media about the negotiations at this time.

Yesterday, the BCTF gave government negotiators a new contract proposal,that is said to include a lowered wage demand and other concessions.

It’s a move that is drawing out hope a deal could be reached before a full-scale strike on Tuesday.


    • You are always bing such a pessimist Nothing the BCTF could do to satisfy the Liberals, CKNW, cheerleader Club who pays you the Liberals PAB or CKNW? you like honesty and always say you are truthful so tell us are you being paid to comment here? I will have a surprise for you. I am not holding my breath

      • So you attack again? Shame on you.

        We need peace in this province with unions. When the trough is dry, we all need to tighten the belt and work within our means. There’s less profit to share.

  1. I believe a lot of parents have tired of the roller coaster ride .
    Having had enough of being pawns , many have made alternative arrangements for the care of there children other than school for the balance of June.

        • It seems to be hitting the teacher’s pocketbook. Funny, when it’s a single parent having to miss a day’s day, the teachers mock them. Teacher’s are now asking for financial help after 3 days of rotating strike and the 10% reduction. VP of the BCTF are telling them to contact their banks so they can take mortgage holidays.

          They’ve had 16 months to prepare and the BCTF is out of strike funds and teachers says they can pay for the basics. Perhaps there will be less mocking of those single parents the next time the teachers give 72 hours or even 48 hours notice.

      • Why is it when parent talk about the impact of a strike the bctf supporters say it’s parents only care about the babysitting.

        There are a number of teachers complaining about the impact on not working and their inability to pay bills. I have to assume then it’s just about the paycheque and nothing to do with education.

      • ya keep spouting the “babysitting” rhetoric that cost you the support of the general overtaxed public, yes we want free babysitting, just the same way the teachers parents had that allowed their kids to continue to educate themselves. If teaching is such a lousy profession why is there 2300 unemployed teachers and people still signing up for schooling just praying they can become one. Most jobs that have such terrible working conditions have a shortage of applicants not a lineup. This strike “cough” will end this weekend/early next week for one reason, the teachers have nothing left to hold over our heads, labor rulings have gone against them in regards to exams and report cards, summer is here, no strike fund, and guess what no EI for the summer if it drags on as they are in a labor disruption not laid off. Suddenly it is about them sitting all summer with no income walking the line and they won’t put themselves that far out for “their kids”. they’re gonna want the signing bonus a chunk of the pie the govt saved during the strike, F the kids were back to work ……

        • hmmmm…when an individual spends anywhere from 5 – 9 years at post secondary education and chooses a profession like teaching, it’s not about the paycheck. For the past 30 years, the government has been stripping the education system in BC of so many things that are important to the learning of our children. Who else is going to stick up for the students? Not the parents who badmouth the teachers who are finally taking a stand. And by the way? As teachers, we ONLY get paid for 10 months of the year – hardly worth the fight if we didn’t care. Stop badmouthing, educate yourself as to what the real issues are and help the teachers for all students who eventually will be running our country and taking care of you. Spend a day in a classroom anywhere in this province and perhaps, you’ll change your nasty tune.

          • Wow, what an attitude ! It sounds like your education was a total waste ? A person with your kind of bitter/arrogant attitude should not be allowed to teach our children.

          • Everyone knows that someone who spends 5 – 9 years in post secondary is entitled to far more than “regular” people. It’s hard to imagine how could anyone think that “regular” people could possibly deserve to even share the same space as you? I know, “regular” people really don’t really know very much about important stuff like budgets, fairness and “real issues”.
            But then, you wouldn’t stoop to spending a day managing a Starbucks, tuning up a car, or serving in a care home either eh? Yuck. That’s “regular” people stuff – surely not for you.

          • Unless the teachers in on contract and that teacher is laid off by june 30 and not recalled (and signed) by the end of august such as those 600 in Coquitlam, then they can. It’s on the BCTF website on how to apply.

  2. Hopefully Clark is finally getting the message about dealing with class size. It’s the key item that requires action. So far she has been seen as a leader with little concern for the education of kids!

  3. It would be good to get this behind us for a few years if the Liberal Government can bring a sense of reality to the negotiations. I’m not holding my breath though.

      • Laugh right back at ya, Ron. It’s nice that you simply believe what Fassbender says. ‘Cause this government is so trustworthy. First, it was 11 plus COLA. More importantly, it’s a bargaining position. We are really not far from the government’s proposal on wage–believe it or not! We appreciate the cost, our size and all the “me too” clauses (which should not even be our problem!).

        But what “huge benefits package.” Our reality is pretty much status quo on that.

        You should comment on what you know about, not what you imagine.

      • You are telling mistruths Ron there is no such a thing of 19% that is fear mongering at best and your stooping very low. They have told everyone here over and over the numbers and you still spout untruths,do you still say that the teacher never brought down their wage demand? They did that twice and the only thing the government brought was to ditch the 10year package to 6years.Class size and composition is non-negotiable wages will be 0000 for four years in a row and you sill are not happy!

      • CUPE only had to negotiate a salary and the government had incentive to remove their support of teachers. Teachers are trying to negotiate significantly more (and I dont mean % or benefits) that will likely benefit students and CUPE members particularly CEA’s if class size and special needs are considered.
        But dont be surprised if both sides table the class size issue until the courts decide in October. It will get peace and kids back in school

      • Did you ever think that maybe the govt doesn’t want to settle with the BCTF? That is why they stonewall and provoke strike action as proven by the Supreme Court and insider information. They took millions out of our system over a decade ago and we are trying to get it back in

  4. Definition of a parasite…a symbiotic relationship where on entity benefits and other harmed. Only ones being harmed are the special need children of this province, the average student that cant the help because their teacher too busy with special needs kids and the over achiever that doesn’t get the enrichment to their education they deserve. Those are all due to the direct actions of Liberals and there underfunding. Who is the parasite?

    • Hey Dave, BCTF is the parasite ! … the problem with special needs children is a problem that teachers created themselves when their feelings got in the way of common sense !

      Special needs kids should not be in the mainstream classrooms and either should ESL students until they have a basic grasp of the language ! … If special needs kids were in their own classes with plenty of support staff it would solve the whole problem of class composition and go a long way to dealing with class size as well BUT it also means that someones feelings will get hurt and apparently hurting someones feelings is now more important than a quality education for all !

    • So it’s special needs kids are at fault? I take it when you have to wait more than a couple of minutes at the hospital you blame the kids with cancer.

      It would seem that you’re suggesting the ‘normal’ kids aren’t really getting thing out of school, and let’s face it, not much chance of those ‘normal’ kids doing much, they are all so average.

      Let’s see, a special needs kid now runs Cisco and Ikea. A special need kid created the Virgin group. Those normal kids are the drones that do all the easy stuff. Can’t except much from the average, most like will end up just like their parents: average.

  5. My prediction: settlement this weekend
    My paranoid thought: this was already pre-arranged, with the unreasonable positions to start, to a better than most public sectors wage settlement and some movement by government on class size/composition, though not what was needed.
    Another prediction: a large percentage of parents won’t return kids to school for the last two weeks
    And, the government has also set up a provincial framework for current CUPE negotiations, which has been accepted by CUPE provincial (shame) which promises to pay CUPE employees lost wages because of the strike as a signing bonus! REALLY? Is this even legal? All together sad days for unions.