Abbotsford officer charged with fraud and obstructing justice

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Abbotsford officer charged with fraud and obstructing justice

An Abbotsford police officer has been charged with fraud and obstructing justice.

Constable Rob Thandi, who has been with the police department for 20 years, is accused of using extended health benefits fraudulently.

In May, he was suspended with pay after both criminal and Police Act investigations into the allegation.

It is also alleged Thandi tried to interfere with the investigation into this matter.

The Police Act Investigation is ongoing and the Abbotsford Police Board will be asked to review whether Thandi’s pay while suspended should continue.


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  1. Why identify him? He is presumed innocent, and if found to be innocent, he may as well pack is bags anyway. In the mind of the public, the accusation is tantamount to conviction. Please remember that he is presumed innocent, until found guilty based on credible evidence.

    • I agree. Too often it’s trial by media, unfortunately. And then it’s too late even if the allegation is proven false because of the publicity. People have to learn to be more critical in their thinking just because it’s been reported by the media. Media reporting does not = fact.