Jail time for man who beat tattoo shop owner

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Jail time for man who beat tattoo shop owner

A man who admitted to assaulting the owner of a tattoo shop in Vancouver has been given jail time.

Byron Thomas Hobbs was arrested in late March, after an attack at the LooksWow shop at the International Village mall.

The owner was knocked to the ground and kicked twice in the face.

The dispute, which was caught on video and posted online, was apparently over a $15 transaction.

Hobbs was later charged with assault and assault causing bodily harm.

The 31-year-old pleaded guilty this week and has been sentenced to six months in jail, plus probation and a 10-year firearms ban.


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    • A fight is not a threat with a firearm, you must want a 1984 future shock reality.This guy has a mental problem, but I think if you punish everyone that has a fair fight is ludicrous,lots of hockey players would have to give up hunting! Think of things that will better society not punish everyone for a few crazy’s. Assaults can be verbal also, you Liberal supporters just might get your wish right back at you!

      • Ken – please read my comment more carefully …. I wrote that the 10 year ban should be applied to anyone convicted of assault . I doubt that this included hockey players or anyone who defends themselves in a fight. My comment is aimed at people like Mr Hobbs who use violence to solve their problems

        • Assault in the use or threat of a firearm ok but not in the case of an assault as in a fight someone always gets charged with assault! Even if found not guilt you are still guilty as far as the police are concerned!

  1. i’m sorry, but in this country (and the USA) giving someone a firearms ban is a joke. If these offenders are intent on killing someone , a firearm is only one of the many killing tools they can obtain to do their dirty work. Giving a ten year ban on firearms should also come with a proviso that a ten year jail sentence with no chance of appeal would be applied if the perpetrator was caught with one !!