IIO determines Matters death not intentional

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IIO determines Matters death not intentional

Greg Matters

Nearly six months after new evidence was presented during a coroner’s inquest, BC’s police watchdog has again determined the shooting death of former soldier Greg Matters was not intentional.

A 20-page supplemental review was done by the Chief Civilian Director of the Independent Investigations Office after family members pointed out discrepancies found during the three-week inquest which ended in January.

Richard Rosenthal has upheld his original determination the RCMP officers involved were not ‘criminally responsible,’ so he’s not refering the file to Crown Counsel.

Matters died from two gunshot wounds to his chest during a standoff near Prince George in September of 2012.

The 40-year old veteran was living with his mother while being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Police were called to the home after he assaulted his brother and Rosenthal concluded he was armed with a hatchet when he was shot.


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  1. My feelings go out to this family for the loss of their son.

    The RCMP is truly the Walmart of policing,but this Province has resigned them for another 20 year contract.

    Unfortunately in a Criminal Court proceeding the Crown must prove both the mental intent or mens rea and the act of doing or actus rea to the satisfaction of the Court. The other side of the coin is that these individual police members must live with blood on their hands for the rest of their lives.

    The OJ Simpson case was a solid example of the burden of proof that the prosecution must prove to convict.

    The beauty was that suing OJ Simpson in a Civil Court proceeding is that it has a very different burden of proof and that is the balance of probabilities. This is in no way going to bring this family back the member that they have lost, but a wrongful death suit would force the RCMP members involved to testify under oath.

    So no, the RCMP has not dodged the bullet so to say entirely, but I hope that this family gathers the strength to pursue it in a B.C. Supreme Court with a Notice of Civil Claim.

    Under a vigorous cross examination by competent legal council for the family transcript may emerge that suggests criminal wrong doing.

    The example at the Vancouver International Airport and the fatal tasering death of Robert Dziekanski is yet another example of how the RCMP collaberate in making notes.

    The IIO will eventually join the old boys club of the RCMP, but in truth the person directing this agency should be on a contract of a term that is limited to several terms and then a replacement is a must.

    • So what are the police to do when somebody who has a history of violence, who is also trained in lethal force and is in possession of a weapon has a warrant for their arrest?

      This is an honest question because I thought that it was the police’s job to arrest somebody who has a warrant for their arrest. It is actually considered not a good thing when a police officer comes across somebody with an arrest warrant and ignores it. What is it that public expects police to do in such a situation because if the public wants police to not deal with the problem than that is easy enough. Every time there is risk involved, the police can back away and go home. As long as the police will not be held accountable for not acting to stop a potentially violent situation, I’m sure they will have no problem just letting whatever happens, happen.

      I am guessing that the comments on this page are not really here because those commenting have a better idea on tactics or use of force but rather it is an opportunity to voice their anti establishment mantra.

      Again, it would actually make the police’s job much easier if they were directed to walk away when a situation becomes volatile. Then the role of police can be eliminated and all we would need are counselors that use reasoning to convince offenders to comply with direction.

  2. RCMP take a swat team , in camo and face painted hero’s backed by chopper support, out numbering the target 60 -1. This was a Government Sponsored , Taxpayer Funded Murder of a mentally ill Canadian. It should be clear by now that if the RCMP continue to eliminate the Mentally Ill this way , eventually they will fight back !
    BC Police watchdog is an extension of the RCMP and has blood on it’s hands !

    • No it just means that the RCMP wanted to effect the arrest.

      It seems in recent history a lot of those fleeing the RCMP have receive gun shot wounds in the back.

      The need for a replacement was obvious but yet the British Columbia government selected price as opposed to quality (Walmart Policing).

      Sgt. Preston and his trust dog Yukon King would be disgusted.