Frustration for high school students in teachers dispute

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Frustration for high school students in teachers dispute

As the BC Teachers Federation arms itself with a revised bargaining proposal heading into negotiations today with the BC Government, students across the province are bracing for a full-scale strike.

Jacob Callender is a Grade 9 student at Britannia Secondary in Vancouver, and he says with today potentially being the last day of the school year for students across the province, they are stuck in the middle of the labour strife.

He says,, “A little bit of frustration, annoyance, and sadness, but only for our peers, but for our teachers, and we are disappointed the school year had to end with this amount of emotions on both sides.”

Callender and his classmates plan to rally alongside their teachers in the lunch hour today along Commercial Drive.


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  1. I’d say teachers treat children exactly the way the government treats teachers. Essential but locked out. Huh? Only a lawyer (or the LRB) could defend such insanity. Sorry kids, welcome to the big world, stuff flows downhill.

      • They pay teachers well in Alberta. Credit rating is AA+. Maybe you’re the problem. Maybe you need to work harder or demand government provide greater opportunity for its citizens. Build pipelines now.

    • Locked out? The BCTF clearly said they were withdrawing services during the very time the employer later said don’t bother being in the building then. It’s a very normal procedure in strike situations. The lock-out is being totally misrepresented as a lame excuse to flip any blame away from themselves. It just doesn’t wash Mike.

  2. What must be remembered here is the Strike came first. The Teachers disrupted the School year, not the Government.
    The Lockout was a result of the Strike.
    What people have to realize is Bargaining is a two way street. The Government has every bit as much right to lockout as the Teachers do to Strike.
    Now the BS starts that the LRB is bias against the poor BCTF. They cannot live with anything that doesn’t go their way. Hence the term Whiners.
    And some are calling for Binding Arbitration, Can you imagine the outcry if an Arbitrator sided with the Government. We would have to listen to how they were screwed by a Liberal Arbitrator for the next 6 years or so. Binding Arbitration just would not work with the BCTF.

  3. Mike Please do not let these teachers brainwash you, you will look back in years to come and see how wrong they are. Check your parents income and benefits. Then check the teachers. I think you might change your mind.

  4. The students, your kids, are being brainwashed by the bctf and the teachers. They’re all reading from the same script, about how they’re doing this all for them, classes are too big etc. The bctf doesn’t mentioning the raises they want, the increase in benefits, you know how they need 3,000.00 per year for massage therapy, bearvement leave for when their sisters ex-mother-in-laws great aunt passes away, the number of sick days they need, and you can bet a lot use it for things like mental health days on the slopes. I could go on but there’s not enough room here.
    They talked about how hard they work, guess what, so do a whole lot of other British Columbians, and they do not get anywhere near the benefits or salaries teachers get and wanting more.
    If they were serious about “doing it all for the kids” they would not be doing this now to screw the kids who are graduating. The only people they care about is themselves.

  5. About 16 yrs ago I received a letter from my Doctor telling me he could no longer be of service as he was moving to the U.S. because he was not making the money he felt he should be, this was followed by a migration of Nurses to the U.S. The government was forced to realize that if we wanted to keep these essential services they had pay what was on par with most other countries. What I am not seeing is a mass migration of teachers anywhere, They quote numbers from the BCTF website, (which by the way does not match any other numbers anywhere) B.C. is the second lowest paying province. (bs) cost of living is higher here, believe that is what loving call “sunshine tax” and it is not unique to teachers. The starting salary is only 48000/yr OMG!!! It goes on and on and on the poor poor teachers, need better working conditions OMG you have to work in a climate controlled building, talking to no more then, 28 at a time please, students ahhhhhh for a maximum of 5 hrs. I wonder how the police, the nurses, the firemen, the transit drivers feel about your horrible working conditions.

    • The reason the BCTF is so difficult to bargain with is because they refuse to accept the basic law of supply and demand. Unlike nurses, there are 35,000 unemployed teachers who will walk over hot coals for any one of the 40,000 teaching positions. So is it any wonder that Iker’s idle threat that we taxpayers must pony up more to keep a $90,000 a year teacher from leaving for “greener pastures” is almost as laughable as is their strike which will enrich government coffers by 140 million a week. Meanwhile the BCTF having blown their wad on political advertising can’t even afford 50 bucks in strike pay. Thanks to the BCTF’s generosity, in 2 weeks the government will have 280 million in unpaid salaries to address special needs. At the end of the day they will throw the BCTF a bone by enhancing their signing bonus but you can bet they will never capitulate on a wage offers that could trigger the “me too” clause signed with CUPE. I’m starting to think the Marx brothers are heading their bargaining committee

  6. Jacob and all those who claim they “support the teachers” reminds me of my 5 year old who once thought her allowance came from an ATM. If Jacob truly supports his teachers he should convince his parents who are his teacher’s employers, to sign a pledge to pay their share of the teacher’s demands which is about $200 every year. Until you are ready to pony up, talk is cheap.