UBC Society wants rapid transit

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The newly released 30 year transit strategy proposed by Metro Vancouver mayors would see a rapid transit line built along the Broadway corridor but it doesn’t go all the way to UBC.

UBC Alma Mater President Tanner Boor says while he is pleased to see a regional transportation strategy, it’s important to continue the conversation about connecting the Millennium Sky train route to the University. 

“UBC is the provinces third largest employer. We are a central innovation hub for the province. We contribute a great deal to the provincial economy so we feel that having rapid transit connecting to campus and having UBC be connected to the rest of the region and the rest of the province is an incredibly smart investment short and long term.”

The proposed line would only go as far as Arbutus Street.


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  1. Conversely, I was pleased to see that the Transit Vision did not include rapid transit to UBC ! We have far bigger issues with commuter congestion than we do with getting students to UBC on time .

  2. How muchmoney will UBC Alma Mater Society would contribute to the what they propose subway from Clark Drive to UBC? A few more buses would do the job just fine and a LOT cheaper than the Billions of dollars we don’t have and the DEBTS on transportation still not paid off.

    What about the about four month when students are NOT attending UBC? What will the ridership be then? On statuatory holidays them buses run mostly empty to UBC.

    Want to speed up traffic? Remove designated Buses Only lanes from Broadway, study showed buses hardly gained any time from Joyce Station to Alma St but for drivers forced to use cars to get to work instead of THREE lanes there’re only TWO lanes awailable during rush hour, considerably slowing down traffic movement.

  3. The trough feeders at UBC want to know where their pony is. It seems, even though they handed out a herd of ponies in this plan, that they did not quite hand out enough.

    It is always this way with these types. Never enough ponies to go around and some princess ends up crying in here beer

    I also notice that there were no plans for the handing out of pink unicorns. I know, I know, I’m being selfish again

  4. Ya problem with line to ubc is it has very low ridership in spring and summer. Also point grey residents will fight elevated line, densification and even stations I suspect.

  5. I don’t live in that gong show, yet have a question and a few statements of wisdom. Where does Moonbeam live? What’s all the deal about UBC, when the Skytrain contraption quits at Arbutus? Seeing as how, many offshore youngsters go to UBC, because their parents can afford it, maybe they should ante up 50 or 60%. Nah, that won’t work, most of them drive BMW’s, Audis, Lexus’ and don’t use no stinkin public transit, and the majority go off to some distant land to use their skills after graduation. Once again, Joe Lunch Bucket takes it where only a graduate proctologist might go. Maybe the brainpharts should look at San Diego’s Mickey Mouse system. Costs didly squat, no fare evaders, or else, and one can go for miles in every direction. Why does the system require some massive infrastructure, just to move people? It’s not uneconomical, it’s nuts.