Premier pledges $400,000 to end violence against Aboriginal women

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Premier pledges $400,000 to end violence against Aboriginal women

Premier Christy Clark is taking part in a ceremony on the North Shore  symbolizing the BC government’s shared commitment to end violence  against Aboriginal women and girls.

She’s signing a memorandum of understanding backed up by a funding promise, which includes $400,000 for the Giving Violence Initiative.

In February, the provincial government announced a three year $5.5 million domestic violence plan which includes $2-million dedicated to the Aboriginal community.


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  1. So let me get this straight.
    Is this 400,000 to be given to the elders in addition to the billions we all ready give to people who don’t pay taxes?

    But hay. Good photo opp snookie. YA NO!

  2. the comments from the posters above are incredibly thoughtless and cruel ….. there is a significant problem in Canada regarding violence against aboriginal women. This shuld be a high priority for all of us.

      • You resent my remarks? How do you think any aboriginal woman who read your remarks felt? If you would put less concern into finding out about where the money has been dumped and more into ensuring it has been used as effectively as possible to help the women then you might be taken a bit less negatively.

        • Indian women are not the only people subject to abuse. Money’s given out by Indian Affairs seems to disappear into a bottomless hole, with little or no regard to whom gets it or why and no accounting afterwards to effectiveness. That along with with your remarks is what I resent. Stand awhile in someone else’s shoes.

    • Indeed there are significant problems within Aboriginal communities.
      But much of it stems from within the bands themselves and their leaders. They must take the lions share of the responsibility.
      It would be helpful if they didn’t protest and block every development that would improve the economics in the region. More would have job opportunities. In northern BC the prosperity would bring more services including things like regular bus service between communities.

        • Another low information comment from Ken . . .

          The reality is Ken thousands of aboriginals work in the oil sands, build pipelines and have their own well servicing companies.
          But you would not know that being a far-left zellot in favor of bike lanes and walking to work.

          • Why are so threatened by Ken280′s comments?

            Fact is that the feds take 2/3 of our tax dollars and 5% GST. It then download the majority of services to the province which has to deal with education, roads, social services etc. Where does all that fed tax money go? Do the feds have friends and associates in high places? Or are their friends in low places, – the senate comes to mind. This is Ken280′s point – surely you got that!

    • I viewed Murray’s comments more as a general frustration of government spending than specific disregard for aboriginal women. “B” comment….well???? I agree we should all a be more sensitive; thanks for reminding us all.

  3. All the money in the world , won’t change the problen , a lack of respect for each other , or when we were small , letting the kids bully and hit each uther , fight your own battles , What battles? Who are you at war with ? Becides the Demonds in their heads , or the lack of good mentle health , or is it substance abuse . What turns this easy going hunter gatherer , into a Jerk ? Answer these Questions and find the answers to your problems .

    • George this easy going hunter/gatherer, was inundated with a social and political structure which was ad odds with their social structure, values and norms. Resistance to Alcohol was also not in their genes and causes real problems. When a complex society blends with a basic culture, there are always difficulties.

      Maybe money alone will not change the problem but we need to be more sensitive. Criticisms here will not help.

  4. The anti-development stance by First Nations is bigger than the pipeline issue. It extends to making BC the place not to be for mineral exploration and other types of investment. Many bands run interference with most programs at all levels and they basically hold the industry hostage. Since the Federal Government is responsible for First Nations in Canada- let the money for services come from the Feds and the bands-not the province. This should apply to all aspects including things like health care and housing off reserves. Things need to change- the status quo is not working and conditions for many Aboriginal people is deplorable despite the billions spent.