Worst roads in British Columbia are in the Okanagan

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Worst roads in British Columbia are in the Okanagan

BCAA has released its list of the worst roads in the province — and the top 3 are in the Okanagan.

Potholes and crumbling pavement earned Silver Star Road in Vernon this year’s top spot.

Next is Westside Road, which actually takes second, fourth and ninth places, in West Kelowna and Vernon.

Third place goes to Coldstream’s Cosens Bay Road for poor walking and cycling safety.

BCAA’s Ken Cousin says a new problem is gaining traction.

He says, “A record 24 per cent of our votes this year cited traffic congestion as an issue.”

“Worst” roads in the Lower Mainland are the Patullo Bridge, Maple Crescent in Maple Ridge, and as always, the Massey tunnel.


  1. Well here goes more of the lower mainland’s tax dollars into Premier Clark’s new inland empire. Along with a new toll free bridge, you now have a list of roads soon to be rebuilt.

  2. Three in the Okanagan. Great. Snookie can get out her hard hat and high heels (you know like she did when the hooooookey fans took Vancouver apart) and go out and help fix the roads. Just think of all the photo opp’s to be gained for the lost ones over the oil scam that she had to distance herself from. And the Okanagan voters can say, see we did pick a winner!! YA NO

  3. This story explains why the government is resisting paying teachers a fair wage or addressing class size and class composition as well as explain the government stance that will not legislate teachers back in event of a full strike.

    After all, the enormous savings to be realized by having teachers walk out will go along ways to improve Okanagan roads as a partial reward for electing Christy.