Vancouver schools could soon be gender neutral

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Vancouver schools could soon be gender neutral

A controversial policy that would see access to gender neutral bathrooms and change rooms in Vancouver schools looks like a sure thing.
School Board trustees have voted to recommend the policy for transgender students be adopted at a final meeting next Monday.

“From my point of view, we’ve had a great, thorough consultation process, and now it’s about leadership. Vancouver trustees including myself stood up and said ‘I’m putting student safety and an inclusive environment first.”

Trustee Mike Lombardi says of the hundreds who spoke over three dedicated meetings, opinion seems to be split.
But he has no doubt that after Wednesday nights decision, the policy will be adopted June 16th.


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  1. I am not against transgendered people at all, but isn’t this going a bit far? I would like to know exactly how many transgendered kids there are in the public school system, and exactly what the cost is going to be to the taxpayer to install these gender neutral bathrooms. I think maybe we are going way to far on the side of political correctness here.

  2. What an absolute joke. You were born with a penis or you were not!

    What will the future bring? Segregated washrooms for different cultures or for rich and poor children?

    Look at your birth certificate and pick the appropriate symbol on the door!

  3. So what washroom will gay students be required to go to? If I am a gay male do I go into the female washroom or the transgender washroom or just pee right there on the floor because there isn’t a “gay” washroom for “me”.

    The School Board trustees need to be replaced with common-sense thinking people.