Transit Police Chief wants to toughen laws around assaults on bus drivers

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Transit Police Chief wants to toughen laws around assaults on bus drivers

The Transit Police Chief in Metro Vancouver wants the assault law toughed when the victim is a bus driver.

Neil Dubord is in Ottawa, telling the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee assaulting a public transit operator should be an aggravated circumstance at sentencing.

He says, “It will go into the sentencing mix with regards to how many other offences, what is the length of the criminal record, what’s the significance of the offence and an aggravating circumstance to add to that will be the fact this person is a bus operator.”

He says Senators appear to be in favor of the idea and the private members bill must go back to the House of Commons.


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  1. where does Mr Dubord get off thinking that we can have a democratically elected government telling our appointed judges how long sentences should be ?

    Doesn’t he understand that our judges have taken it upon themselves to protect the criminals from the will of the people ? Doesn’t he understand that our Liberal hearted judges see no value in punishing criminals ?

    He and the rest of the howling mindless mob that the judges are fighting back need to recognize that our judges understand what we need far better than we do … and should quit this cruel and vindictive plan to increase sentences and punishment of criminals.

  2. I find it odd the public is expected to help when a bus driver gets assaulted, but the bus driver doesn’t help Joe Public when they’re getting assaulted on a bus.
    Double Standard?

    • Exactly. Right now its a philosphical position based on situations the lawyers and judges know 3rd hand . Let them get a bit of skin in the game by riding he buses and the skytrains and their opinion would probably shift a little bit !