More labour unrest for healthcare workers in Abbotsford

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More labour unrest for healthcare workers in Abbotsford

Health support workers have rallied in the Fraser Valley to demand better wages and working conditions from Sodexo.

Close to 250 members of the Hospital Employees Union have been working without a contract since May of last year at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre.

They say the multinational company based in France has been undercutting wages and increasing workloads at the privately-run facility since the provincial government contracted out services in 2008.

HEU leaders say workers haven’t had a pay raise in almost two years with the average worker making less than $16 per hour and the living wage is more than $17.

Contract talks resume Monday (June 16th).


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  1. This is what happens when you try to make health care a money making business instead of the service it was meant to be… Yep just another fail to the list of fails by the right wing wackos it got BC Lying Liberal written all over it…

  2. OMG. Not more of those pesky union workers make life bad for snookums and her ilk!!

    Don’t they remember when the grand poo bah to England tore up a contract and brought in lots of people who could not speak English and told us how much we would save? And lots of the food that came in from the great province of Alberta. And how much better and cheaper it would. be.

    Oh. That was until people started getting C-Diff AND DIED from lack of cleaning and disinfecting.. But hay YA NO. He has a driver and a free car to go with his free gin in merry old England.

    YA NO?

  3. There has to be a balance here. I’m not an expert in the health care system (although I have done enough contracting with it to get some idea of what’s happening).
    If there are problems with improper cleaning – which I am sure happens – there are at least two supervisory levels that should be addressing this – the managers of the company with the contract and the hospital personnel who have oversight over the contractors. When cleaning staff are not performing their work satisfactorily and corrective measures not taken, the blame should get placed at one of those levels; with the PYA attitude of civil servants, I can see the hospital administration passing the buck on that one.

    FYI I have seen a lot of contracted cleaning staff that are real quick to correct situations when they are pointed out. With entitled attitudes within many of today’s nurses and physicians, I can’t say I’ve always had the same reaction; in fact, I have been told to mind my own business on some occasions.

    As for blaming the cleaners for every outbreak, there are other factors including poor habits with the professional staff. This also goes to the behaviour of visitors; not washing hands; wearing dirty shoes into a hospital ward; and similar potentially harmful behaviour. In days gone by visitors weren’t allowed to even sit on patient’s beds or wander hallways. Controlling visitor’s behaviour should fall in the venue of the nursing staff; yet so many seem reluctant to get involved because they seem to feel a patient’s rights extends into having the right to wander around contaminating others. We seem to have forgotten the standard practices of the past. Do we need a major incident to bring basic habits back into our system? I hope it doesn’t come to that; I have little confidence with many in our medical system doing the right thing.