City of Vancouver moves to protect heritage homes

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City of Vancouver moves to protect heritage homes

Vancouver City Council has approved new measures to protect heritage homes.

Mayor Gregor Robertson says they will encourage homeowners to choose preservation over demolition and preserve neighbourhood character.

The rules include a one-year “Heritage Control Period for Temporary Protection in First Shaughnessy”, to prohibit the demolition of pre-1940 buildings while a review takes place.


  1. This isn’t any thing new , there are several Hairatage Buildings in Vancouver , But , When
    the city is for sale , and money is the game , COULTURE and HAIRATAGE , are left out .
    Now that so much of Vancouver’s historical houseing has been torn down , to make way for monster houses , Soleless Boxes ,

  2. How long do you keep fixing before it become a money pit. House aren’t built to last forever! Will Mayor Moonbean give a grant to the owners to restore this house??

  3. Ted ,

    many of these are quality homes that could be renovated , instead there is massive approval of demolition permits with no requirement from this so called green city hall.