30-year transit plan approved by Metro Vancouver Mayors

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30-year transit plan approved by Metro Vancouver Mayors

The mayor’s council on regional transportation has approved a 30-year “vision” for transportation in Metro Vancouver.

The plan spans three decades and is aimed at reducing congestion and costing $7.5 billion.


Mayor’s Transportation Vision:

  • A new tolled four lane Pattullo Bridge.
  • New light rail transit lines in Surrey.
  • Millennium line extension in the form of a subway to Arbutus.
  • 11 new B line routes.
  • 50% more Seabus service.
  • 30%t increase in HandyDart service.
  • fleet expansion and system upgrades to west coast express, Canada line, Expo line and Millennium lines.
  • 25% bus service increase.
  • Investments in cycling routes.
  • Upgrading major road networks.

Mayors are also requesting that the provincial government  review it’s current tolling policy to ensure it’s a balanced and fair system throughout Metro Vancouver.

Proposed revenue sources:

  • Tolls on new Pattullo Bridge.
  • Federal gas tax.
  • Additional ridership.
  • Possible regional sales tax.
  • Re-allocating the carbon tax.
  • Possible road pricing.



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  1. With the city giving Tom Campbell accolades and credit for the last thirty years. It does not give me to much confidence in the next 30 years. With Christy at the helm provincially. This may not be a good time, for a next thirty year plan.

    • Currently, most municipal roads are paid for by property tax. This means that everyone pays about the same for using our roads – even those who choose not to drive. Does this make sense? This would be sort of like having a flat monthly rate for electricity or cell phone service. You could use as much as you want but pay no more than someone who uses much less. This would mean that overall rates would go up. Same for transportation. If properly implemented, a distance and time based road pricing system would cost less for a majority of people. Seems like a good idea to me.

      • No it does not as we are already paying massive taxation. The Mayors of Vancouver need to work within the current revenue models and not implement any new taxes. Tolls on roads or bridges are not the answer.

      • You are conveniently ignoring the fact absolutely everyone benefits from the road system whether or not they drive-that includes municipal roads.
        Benefits are direct and indirect-including everything from the local economy to transporting goods & services and emergency vehicles. Majority of gas taxes have been hijacked and directed into general revenue to pay for everything but infrastructure.
        Every time they put in a new transit line, developers fill-in the blanks with densification. The net result is the line is near capacity shortly after it is implemented. Tax the land speculators and developers.

      • Fully agree! User pay! You drive more- you pay more! Not only that, but people living in Lower Mainland areas with lots of outside traffic (Vancouver, Burnaby, etc) have to cover through their property taxes the cost of road damage done by traffic from outside LM. Not fair! So -user pay!

        • I find it amazing the creeps that have a fiduciary responsibility in the handling our tax dollars take a “poop” load out of our wallets, mismanage it, take pig trough salaries, benefits and pensions for themselves and aren’t being held accountable (in fact the reverse, they reward themselves for poor performance) and now want user pay. And people like Astro turf are all behind them. One question, where the He** did all that money we put into the system go? Please, I want a realistic answer.
          To be nice – up your kilt, milt! I (as many others) have already paid more than my share.
          BUT if we really want user pay, let’s go for it. No more freebees of any kind for welfare recipients (and I’m not referring to those in GENUINE need or have health/mental problems); I don’t have children so no tax on that ‘service’ for me – you have six kids – you pay six times what someone with one child would pay; your kids don’t speak English when they hit Grade 1 – you pay for the training; I want to get rid of my own garbage take that off my bill; no more carbon tax; no more gas tax – only pay according to miles driven; transit – you pay the FULL fare (no subsidies); ICBC – no special deals for young guys and gals – you pay according to (I believe they call it) actuarial tables for your age and sex; etc. etc. etc. – no soup for you!
          There are a TON of things I (and others) pay for that I don’t get ANY benefit from – so from now on, we only pay for those we use a- but YOU or a government clown don’t get to decide that user pay only on the things you chose! It’s on EVERY service – EVERY part of government!
          How about NO MORE subsidies for Quebec through Equalization, we pay only EI premiums based on our usage WITHIN our province and not subsidize other provinces. Native land claims – natives are a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT concern – all claims costs come out of the FEDERAL pocket book – if land is taken out of our province to satisfy a native issue then BC gets paid for it. We don’s subsidize this BS any more.
          Immigration: Again a Federal responsibility. If we have people moving into our province under Federal jurisdiction and we experience extra health care costs as a result, we send the Federalis a bill; an import commits a crime, we send the Federalis a bill for not performing due diligence in the scrutiny of those coming into our province; etc. etc.
          If we want user pay, let’s make our province really look and act like a democracy where those who use OUR money are directly accountable to US – and we ONLY pay for services that we directly use.
          How about that for a start? I’m all for it. As a benefit, we’ll see a lot of freeloaders moving out of our province to areas where they are not as “user pay” as we are. But again, individuals like yourself don’t get to decide that some things are user pay and not others because of your PC beliefs. Please let me know where we can sign up for this one!
          Enough already! I’m tired of bean brains raiding our province and our wallets.

        • You do realize that drivers are >subsidizing< transit users.
          Drivers already pay for the roads and bridges through gas taxes, which are not used for what they were intended for (roads and bridges), but squandered to subsidize transit users. So yes, it should be user pay, starting with transit users.

    • So, you use the roads and/or public transportation, but don’t want to pay for it? Let me guess, raise taxes on others (like your solution for paying the BCTF ransom).

      • I DO pay for it Don with my gas tax or whatever they want to call it and property taxes and whatever else they tax me on.
        For you to be in favour of new taxes shows you must be very wealthy and don’t care about the little folks.

        Are you trying to tell me that since the dawn of paved roads in the lower mainland, they have been paved and upkept out of the governments generous heart???????????

      • First – this is NOT a plan – it is at best a wish list on hopes and dreams. A “plan” doesn’t use “possible” – it would outlay the exact mechanisms and forecast of revenues as well as timelines.
        If this is their idea of a plan we know why our governments are out of control and in such debt.
        Time to declare a peaceful war; throw out the babies and the bath water and start from scratch.
        There better be a “no – not on your bloody life” box to check on the proposed referendum. Tomorrow I start by raising a little ‘heck’ with my local government.

  2. Seems to me that it seems like the revenue is coming from a lot of “Possible” sources.
    But it is so nice to see that they actually have a “Vision”. I’m 66 so I won’t be around in thirty years to see how it will be totally unlike they say it will be.

    And how about all those hydrogen busses that the grand poo bah to England and awnie (the guy that helped bring California to it knees) spent millions on for the “Hydrogen highway from the little ski hill, whistler, to California. Seems that has fallen through the go green, save the earth cracks. Why I will bet that the chauffer driven limo that the tax payers of Canada pay for to drive the poo bah around isn’t powered by an electric, save the world, motor!!!

  3. I am no engineer and I’m sure the idea ins’t as simple as it sounds but since forever, I have thought that there should be at grade rapid transit along the median of Trans Canada Hwy from Abbotsford all the way into Coquitlam. If there was a carpark, bus loop and station at each Hwy interchange, I think people would choose this option to commute.

    Maybe it would involve too much cooperation between the cities though.

  4. They could eliminate much management waste by reducing the funding sources. As it is now there are transit fees attached to too many things and there is a cost to collect it.
    As for the 7 billion price tag- sounds low ball to me.

  5. A new tolled four lane Pattullo Bridge!!?? = NO! This will not be tollerated and is currently illegal as it goes DIRECTLY against having a free alternative. If anything. The Alex Fraser should be tolled since that would leave the Patullo in the middle of 2 tolled bridges.

    New light rail transit lines in Surrey!!?? = No! Have they not learned anything about this from Calgary or Oregon? It has proven to be a traffic tie up producer and no better than having a train on the road that results in cars crashing into it and putting the trains into the path of traffic jams. Complete waste of time. Elevated is the ONLY way to go.

    It never fails the stupidity in this province.

  6. Double that estimate, Double the property taxes, double the tolls, double the carbon tax, implement road pricing and double it, implement a regional sales tax and double that too.

    Nothing in this proposal talks about cutting the fat at Translink. Cut that crown corporation in half and make its sole responsibility public transit.

    Cut every MLA’s and Mayor’s salaries in half. eliminate the golden pensions for every public sector worker if costs of any one project are overrun by even a penny. Put that money into transit.

    Tax foreign property owners as if they lived here and actually contributed to this society.

    Convince private sector companies to pay their employees well above average money so that they can afford to own a home and contribute to the “Translink Tax” regime.

    And by the time that “they” get around to putting even half of this proposal into reality, we will be another ten years behind the ten years we are already behind!

    We need all of these upgrades TODAY, not thirty years from now.

    • Just to throw a little more gas on the fire…..Translink will not being going anywhere until you sad sacks start to demand from all levels of government to deal with the problem. This whole outfit is a joke
      I know first hand the waste in upper management in both Translink and all of her baby companies. When the service was run by BC Transit up to 1999 there was one clear boss for the entire operation. Now we have directors, assistant directors, more managers than you can shake a stick at and 85% of them know nothing about transit. They came from Canadian Airlines & Air Canada, BC Rail just to name a few, they will never hire people from within as we are smarter than all of them.

  7. In only a few hours since the announcement, metro people have spoken – and their answer is NO!

    Not “no” to one thing or another. “No” to everything and anything, forever. It’s hilarious and completely predictable. Never ask a taxpayer for an opinion about spending.

    And now, on to the premier’s transit referendum – her equivalent to a radio call-in show. The chaos will be beyond funny, not to mention pointless. Enjoy!

  8. Metro mayors, by proposing to build a tolled 4-lane bridge to replace the aging Patullo Bridge, are stepping on provincial turf. Since the Patullo was designated as the toll-free alternative to the new tolled Port Mann, its replacement cannot be tolled. Otherwise, the sacred provincial tolling policy will be violated and no toll-free Port Mann alternative will be available.

    Having said that, Metro mayors are free to designate the near-by, toll-free Alex Fraser bridge as the toll-free alternative to a new tolled Patullo. On the other hand, the province can build and should build a new toll-free alternative crossing on either side-down stream or up stream-of the Port Mann to remain in compliance with its tolling policy-100 percent financed and maintained by the province, of course.

    BTW, a 4-lane Patullo replacement will serve the regional needs over the next 30 years? I doubt it. Seems like very short-sighted thinking.

  9. Do you folks all realize that in spite of the $7 Plus Billion that Quebec has taken out of our country just this year in Equalization (and they forecast is for another $10 Billion next year) – the mayor of Montreal, the Quebec premier, Idiot son of Trudeau and our famous Mulcair all want the Federal government to contribute $5 Billion to build a bridge in Montreal AND don’t believe it should be tolled. Look that one up and see how the Feds are so kind to us out here in the West. OK fellow cash cows – let’s all complacently moooo together.

    • Quebecers have always been smart, English Canada not so much.
      You don’t have to leave the province to talk about new non tolled bridges. Premier Clark has some plans under way fro a second free crossing in the Okanagan – her new nest.

  10. 7.5 billion dollars!!??!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

    That is close to $2000 for every British Columbian! Worse yet that is close to $4000 for every person in the lower mainland. Can you honestly tell me that we will get $4000 worth of value out of the spending plans of these raging socialists? How much of that will be going into the pockets of investment bankers to pay for brand new Maseratis and ivy league schooling for their kids?

    This is ridiculous. These spending Nazis have to go! It is time to bring in accountability to the process. MAKE TRANSSPEND AN ELECTED BOARD *NOW*!

    Have these clowns even begun to calculate how many people will move to avoid bridge tolling in the future? These were the same rocket scientists who told us that gas taxes would solve all our problems. Then everyone started buying hyper efficient vehicles and buying in the US to lower the cost of gas on their monthly bills. Oops! I’ll bet the wonks didn’t budget for that! So now they say they just have to put up tolls to catch us all at the money traps. What happen if we all move closer to work? I know I’m planning on eliminating the one bridge I cross just to avoid the traffic. No doubt it will have a toll on it soon anyway.

    Were are they going to get the revenue from if more people do that? Because it is clear they have already spent the money. Do they even think these things through?

  11. Maybe it is time we think about opening up these more lucrative routes to competitive bidding. Maybe private companies can do a better job of running this bloated cow of a system. Then the money we could save could go into the routes we fell are ‘necessary’.

    Or how about some more owner operators on bus routes? Let these guys have their own little cottage industry. Make it more competitive

  12. WE do need more public transit but it should be reseached and planned by indepent from City Hall Traffic Engineers, not politicians, each with their agenda.

    None of the elected scamsters bothered to answer WHERE the $7.5 Billion dollars will coming from, but as usuall from our pockets. The SAME politicians who manage to Increase spending by the Lower Mainland’s 22 municipalities in the period from 2002 to 2012 by over SEVENTY percent and WHERE did all that money gone?

    Going by politicians record on estimated spending, we will be lucky if their agenda won’t cost us over Fifteen billion dollars.

    Them mayort foget theyare there on sufferance, who put them in office and who is paying their rather generous SALARIES, making their need for ever more funds override OUR need for OUR hard earned after tax dollars.

  13. Did Chritsy and former premier Campbell hold referendum to spend billions on Golden Ears bridge? Or to remove one of the newer Five lange bridges and insted of twinning it got the new Port Mann Ten lane, not ALL of them in use, bridge built?

    Will there be a referendum about the Massey Tunnel to be replaced with what sort of bridge? How much will it cost and where will th money come from? Will that new Massey Bridge be like that what advertised as the latest and greatest bridge that is STILL not safe to drive trough duing icy conditions from ice falling from the cables?