BCTF President Jim Iker-no full scale strike until at least Tuesday

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BCTF President Jim Iker-no full scale strike until at least Tuesday

The earliest B-C’s public school teachers could go on a full-scale walkout, for now, is Tuesday.

BC Teachers Federation president Jim Iker says last night’s turnout on the vote in favour of a full-scale strike was the union’s highest ever at 81%.

That comes with having to provide 72 hours notice.

He says, “The earliest, if we move to a full-scale strike would probably be on Tuesday.”

CKNW’s Bill Good also asked why no contract talks are scheduled for today.

Iker says both sides are looking at their proposals right now.

He says they want a deal by the June 30th deadline and do not want to bargain into the summer.


  1. Hey, public administrators in the school system, it’s going to take a lot of high-salaried younger teachers to fund that generous pension system you share with teachers. You’re living in a fantasy world. When the money runs out, because the return is pathetic, currently disbursement are out-stripping contributions 5:1, it’s buyout time.

  2. The BCTF has zero respect for students or their parents and should be charged for dereliction of duty. Iker indicates that they do not want to bargain during the summer; they should be forced to do so!

  3. Call the strike already. Teacher have put on project deadlines to next week hoping the strike would be called. Told kids that the marks are basically set already to make the reports easy to finish if forced to by the LRB. Nothing happens even in the best of time for the last few weeks of the year in elementary school.

    At least if the strike is called we can push up vacation plans and enjoy the summer.

  4. Why would he call the strike if the strike vote in and of itself could potentially move things along at the bargaining table? You are spoiling for a fight, D! Now is when we need cooler heads to prevail and find a solution by June 30. Why would we pull millions out of the provincial economy by having teachers lose their wages unnecessarily? Oh… and you really have no idea what happens in a school, so quit commenting on it like you do. Merci.

    • Everyone knew what the the strike vote was going to be so how does it change anything. Until the BCTF lowers is salary demands, nothing is going to happen.

      The VP of the BCTF has stated that the union proposals on class size mirror current class sized with the exception of those over 35 (band/gym). A fairly low cost issue to deal with.

      How can there be any real discussion on additional resources on class composition when government can’t budget for it because there’s no unit cost (salary/benefits/pension/grid changes still unsettled)

      The BCTF went into this unprepared and with it’s member ill informed.

      After three days of strikes and a 10% reduction you already have teachers complaining about their financial position. Now, I don’t want any family to be burdened but given the attitude of this union in the past for chastising single parents for complaining about losing work or paying for childcare during a work action as not caring about their child enough, one does hope of lesson is learned from this.

      Again, a solution can be found in a day if the leadership of the BCTF takes a look around at other union settlements, takes a deep breath and submits a realistic set of demands related to compensation.

  5. Unbelievable! This ridiculous circus is all about money and has NOTHING to do with what is best for the students. If the BCTF’s statement of “we care about the kids” were true, students would be in class EVERYDAY getting the education they deserve and have a right to receive, as well as being able to write their exams (all grades, not just 10-12) and receiving proper report cards. The BCTF is using our kids as pawns and they should all be ashamed of themselves!

    • I believe the BCTF statement says “a fair deal for teachers” and “better support for kids”. Of course teachers care about their kids, that’s why they teach. It is certainly not for the money.

      Teacher’s have not had a raise in 4 years and class sizes have gone up and funding has gone down. Everyone keeps talking about comparing us to other “public sector unions” but we are not the same. They all got raises over the last 4 years. They do not do the same job that teachers do.

      Read the facts (attached below), and put yourself in the teacher’s shoes.

      Teachers are fighting for public education and are losing pay for a better education for tomorrow.


        • Some people need to go back to school and learn about the history. I’m a student and I know about this. In the 1990s, teachers gave up a chance for a wage increase and instead asked for a limit on class size and a limit on class composition (the number of kids with special needs in a classroom, like kids with autism, kids who are deaf or mute, extreme behaviour difficulties such as throwing desks, etc).
          However in 2002, the government decided to take the limits away. The courts found that this was illegal, but the government didn’t care. This is the reason that teachers are angry. If you have children/grandchildren or ever want them, you should be angry too. Would you like your child to be in a class with 25 students or 40 students? Would you like your child to have individual attention or would you like your child to be completely ignored throughout the day because the teacher is busy with all the kids with special needs?

          The teachers have not accepted the offer from the government because they still have not put back the class size and composition limits. If it was just about money, they would have accepted a long time ago.