BC teachers prepare for full-scale strike Tuesday

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BC teachers are getting set to begin full-scale strike action on Tuesday.
An email sent to BC Teacher’s Federation members says the official announcement will be made Thursday morning.
With 72 hours notice, a full strike could begin on Tuesday, although bargaining continues.
Tuesday night, 86 percent of voting teachers said yes to walking off the job.
It was the union’s highest ever voter turnout at 81 percent.


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    • Not only that but the BCTF has instructed teachers to remove personal items and things they need over the summer time, according to their email sent today. BCTF has no intention of arriving at a solution, and clearly they are unlikely to be at the table during the summer.

    • Weren’t they given the right to strike in the 80′s.? Don’t you hate it when radicals and special interest groups use their democratic rights and obey the law. I mean, what’s next with those low-life ideologues???!!, illegally tearing up contracts, rejecting Supreme Court decisions twice, reducing wages unilaterally to 40,000 workers by 10% (…I’m sure the Teamsters would accept that), bargaining NOT in good faith as the government did as cited by the Supreme Court justice, and smearing a union executive as dictators when membership voting takes place privately. Wow! They are the Anti-Christ. At least the doctors would reach such levels…oh, I mis-spoke, they closed clinic doors after the government ripped up their binding arbitrated contract years back. I just hate those teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the humanity!

  1. The BCTF and its members are nothing but a bunch of gutless blackmailers.It is all about the children BS. You have the best of everything. I would not hire a person to teach until they had spent some time in the REAL world. Can we not legislate these bums back to work or replace them. Using kids again COWARDS!!!

  2. A couple of questions…
    1. Is the BCTF vote audited by an independent 3rd party?
    2. What was the actual question on the ballot?
    3. If the government hired more EAs to help with class composition issues (as defined by the teachers themselves of course), would the BCTF be happy? After all, EAs are CUPE workers.

  3. Telling parents that there would be no strike monday and then closing the school with a study session. Sadly it wasn’t unexpected that the teachers would try to hurt those that could least afford it. Seems the BCTF really don’t like single parent homes or families on low incomes. Give them short notice to find daycare or have them lose another day of work.

    I suppose it gives them a sense of power they are otherwise lacking.

  4. I thought it was teachers are greedy. It’s all about the money. But Alberta’s schools are open. Teachers there are very well paid. Learning outcomes are excellent. And Alberta’s credit rating is stable. Maybe this is a rump province with way too many malcontents, too lazy to get off their collective backsides and get a job done? BC per capita income has declined relative to AB in my life. That’s unacceptable. Maybe education is more complicated than you realize? Maybe it’s been so since Socrates? And maybe you should leave education to the professionals?

  5. I have personally received a phone call asking me to remove all the anti strike postings I had on facebook or run the risk of being Blacklisted by the teachers. I have since then posted one where a teacher was calling for all her BCTF friends to stop using a small business because a driver drove by and used some profanity when telling them to get back to work. It has at last look received over 600 shares. They hold us and our kids education up for ransom and I am personally outraged. They are, remember public servants and it is our money they are asking for. Support for BCTF demands is support for economic chaos as all the other unions try and get the same FAIR DEAL

  6. I say again GUTLESS COWARDS with a sense of entitlement. Have any of you read their benefits especially pensions, of which we , the taxpayer put in more than they do, so they can retire early at more than $ 4, 500.00 per month? This is PLUS medical ,eye glasses, dental, fully paid. How many of you get these benefits? Remember, when they say they are fighting government they are fighting YOU. Government has no money. these are YOUR tax dollars. Do you really want to give them to a bunch of spoiled, gutless cowards who use your children to BLACKMAIL you.

  7. I was a staunch union member for 15+ years then a company negotiator for 20+ years. Never before I have seen such a poor display of “poster-ing”. Once a “Union” becomes as political minded as the BCTF, the goal is to bring a government to its knees at the sake of the innocent, similar to the Postal Workers Union. The BCTF has proven it is unable to negotiate with any government. I support the good teachers but I will not support the new political party known as the BCTF. I pay a lot of tax to support an education system that I have not had a connection with for almost 20 years. As a tax payer, their “boss”, makes one want to be the “Donald” and say….. You’re FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Study session…more like a wild cat strike.

  8. Can someone belonging to the BCTF please explain why you are so special as to ask for such a big raise. Sorry but as a tax payer and therefore your employer not a chance. All the personal attacks on Christy Clarke because she chooses to educate her son in private school is her choices why not go after all the teachers that chose to educate there kids in private schools send yes there are a lot of them and print there names. Why blame the liberals for the class composition when it was the NDP that brought in inclusion that brought the special needs children into the schools. Lastly please stop posting pictures of your children holding picket signs on Facebook and other social media.