Coastal Health responds to charges over posters

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Vancouver Coastal Health says a complaint filed with BC’s Ombudsman over a poster distributed by the health authority doesn’t deal with the facts.
The poster’s headline reads “Health Centres not closing,” something the complainants say is untrue, given the Pine Free youth clinic will be shutting its doors at the end of October.
But Senior Medical Director for Coastal Health, Doctor Rolando Barrious says there is an important distinction between a clinic, like Pine, and a community centre.

“It’s only a small portion of services in those centres that are going to be changed. Particularly the clinics, the primary care clinics, that’s the difference.”

He says the poster doesn’t say clinics will not be closing, and while those services will migrate to Raven Song in Mount Pleasant, the health centres themselves will stay open.


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  1. What sort of word twisting is this the ‘Center stay open but certain services will not be provided ANYMORE’? Wasn’t the idea that certain services could be provided in different parts of the city to make them more accessible?

    Like a hospital not closing just stops providing patient care and beds but the hospital itself will still stay open. Verrrrry confusing