PETA confronts Lululemon over goose down jackets

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PETA confronts Lululemon over goose down jackets

Shareholders at Lululemon’s annual meeting in downtown Vancouver Wednesday were confronted by a PETA activist over their goose down jackets.

The animal welfare group owns shares in the active wear company, and representative Anne Kellogg asked the meeting when will it stop selling down products.

“I’m hopeful that they really look at the facts and realize that the reality of down production is a very cruel and bloody industry and that they don’t want to be associated with it.”

Kellogg says geese are often plucked alive, often so violently that their skin breaks open, and are kept in crowded and filthy conditions.

She adds the company’s guidelines don’t prevent suffering.

Lululemon’s CEO says he’ll keep talking with PETA, but won’t make any changes.


  1. PETA has a very checkered past, these have been many incidents of their less than stellar treatment of animals . . . and pulling your hair out over goose down is just . . . insane ! ! !
    The goose didn’t care . . . he had a dinner date !

  2. Peta is a joke. When their aging queen of silicon valley Pam Anderson bought her Viper she she order it with… you got it…..Leather. She got so much heat that she had to donate it away. All this talk about Peta is making me hungry so I’m going out for some grill foi grai and a nice thick New Strip Loin …then is off to bed in my down filled duvet.