Decorated war veteran from Surrey wants his stolen medals back

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Why would somebody do this?

That’s what  a 96-year-old Canadian war veteran is asking after someone broke into his home and stole five World War II service and honour medals.

” I know what I’ve lost is irreplaceable. And I hope I get them back.”

Jack Miles says he has no idea who would steal his cherished medals and Surrey RCMP have yet to identify a suspect.

“Nobody can take away the fact that I did my duty. They can steal my medals and what they represent, but they can’t take away the fact that I was there.”

Miles says he hopes whoever took his property will put the medals and a framed certificate thanking him for his service in the RAF back in the mailbox of his house in the 142-hundred block of 56th Avenue in Surrey.

He’s also hoping media attention will help.


  1. The RCMP have no leads? How about check the guy’s family or friends that would know about the medals…I highly doubt a random break-in found these as it sounds like they were the only thing taken…

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