Agriculture Minister weighs in on dairy farm abuse

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Agriculture Minister weighs in on dairy farm abuse

Saying the abuse documented by animal rights activists at a Chilliwack dairy farm is ‘totally unacceptable,’ Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick says he’s pleased charges have been recommended by the SPCA, but he’s not saying if this will lead to changes in how farms are inspected.

“I think it’s too early to say right now. The focus, of course, will be a couple of ways. One is to see what happens with these criminal charges and then, working with the BC Dairy Association and the SPCA to see if more changes are needed.”

Letnick says BC already has the toughest penalties in Canada for this type of abuse.

The owners of Chilliwack Cattle Sales, the largest dairy farm in Canada, have already fired the eight employees accused of abusing the cows.

Letnick says he watched the video this morning after returning from a trip to Ottawa.

“Definitely makes me sad to see these animals treated in that way. Totally unacceptable. Very disturbing that people would think that they could behave in such a way and get away with it.”


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  1. Now that is the kind of leadership we expect from government. Minister Letnick was up front on the issue. Perhaps there is more to this story because it is unfathomable that a diary farmer would treat his herd as depicted. It seems that hired help was totally responsible and acted independently.

  2. I could only watch the video once. There has to be a way to prevent this, and maybe Saputo or the MofA should get off their pratts and have a regulatory system in place. Or, collectively. I was visiting a fair sized dairy farm 30 years ago in the Lake District of England, and the cows were treated like gold, not held in feed lots. About 130 of them actuallly had an inheritant seniority list to be be milked. They roamed lovely groomed fields of grass, and went into the milking barn like clockwork. The 2 brothers that ran the farm knew every cow. Cows are not stupid, by any means. Bathed like race horses, they were all beauty queens. The goofs that torutured these animals, need time in the clink for sure, then experience the treatment they administered to those wonderful animals. what does Washington State do regarding issues like this? Would be interesting to know.

    • If you think this situation was bad, try watching what happens in factory/industrial farms and slaughter houses with beef cattle, chickens and pigs. Lots of video on YouTube – horrendous! Whole foods, plant based is the way to go.

    • Those that performed these acts should and hopefully will be prosecuted. I generally agree with your posts, but ChrisM I have to ask, “If we are to spend more money on this one, what programs will be axed to get the money?” This is a question the bureaucrats won’t answer and an act they won’t perform. The bureaucrats are always happy to spend more money because they don’t really care how it impacts those paying the bills; it just supports more of their ilk feeding at the trough. Have you read what happened to our provincial debt over the last few years?
      As an author stated quite few years ago (sorry can’t remember his name): A bureaucrat doesn’t mind cutting red tape – providing it’s cut lengthwise.

      • Did you listen to AIH on CBC last night ? The owner of the dairy farm offered to install monitors in the barns and have the feeds available on the web for everyone to watch if they want . This will provide the highest level of transparency at the lowest cost to everyone.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I think CCTV monitoring is great, but it’s funny that this came to be only after getting caught red-handed. It begs the question how long this sort of abuse has been going on – I would guess about as long as this factory farm, and alot of others, have been in operation.