UPDATED: School support staff reach tentative deal

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UPDATED: School support staff reach tentative deal

B.C.’s school support staff and the government have reached a tentative five-year deal after just five days at the bargaining table.

It may have been five days, but there were a lot of long hours according to Rob Hewitt with CUPE, which represents 27,000 of the 34,000 workers covered by this agreement.

He says once the presidents’ council ratifies the deal next week, there is a bit more work to be done at the local level.

“They have to do some local bargaining because the locals also have issues, so they need to have some time for that, so it will be into the fall before this whole thing is finalized.”

The deal includes provincially funded wage increases, increased hours for education assistants, improved extended health benefits and a grant for lost wages of members who don’t cross picket lines.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender welcomed the deal.

“This is wonderful news for support workers and their families. From educational assistants who help children with special needs, to bus drivers, custodial staff and office administrators, our students would not flourish and our schools could not function without them.”


  1. Dear teachers,

    it is not unusual at all for members of a union to de-cert with their union and re-cert with another.
    if you did this quickly, you would….
    1) save the teacher’s union of the humiliation of a 67% strike mandate
    2) Save yourself months of being without pay.
    3) make your employer happy (something the rest of the world spends everyday trying to do)

  2. How about a professional Association. They could properly set up a College and get their Professional status reinstated.
    Then sit down with the Government of the day, and work together to make things better.
    The BCTF way has not worked. Just look at how you went from a respected Profession to a Union that is even poorly thought of by other Unions.
    It is amazing that so many others can see the problems this Radial out of touch Union has created, but the Teachers just don’t get it.

    • You are dead on. But when only 25-30% of the teachers vote for their leadership, Iker and his radical predecessors only needs about 7000 supporters to hijack the BCTF dragging along the other 34000 members down to their level. Thankfully the most dedicated teachers are not the clowns you see screaming at cars swinging a picket sign. When Teachers were once part of a professional association- like doctors and lawyers they acted like professionals and got the respect they deserved. But when led by the looney tunes at the BCTF, they became the most militant public sector union “trade union” that even the NDP had to legislate back to work. Now striking teachers are treated with the same distain as a striking garbage worker. Iker continues to blame the government for “provoking a strike” yet he admitted the BCTF already had pre-emptive plans to go to a full strike even before the LRB decision against them. “Provocation” by definition is taking an action that is likely to draw a response. Since it was the BCTF who started their rotating strike, knowing the government would have to respond in kind, they not the ones provoking the government and by extension the taxpayers.
      “People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one, and if you repeat it frequently enough, people will sooner or later believe it.” ― Walter C. Langer

  3. Clark has said she is going to do something with the Teacher Bargaining process.
    The more disruption the BCTF create in this dispute, will make it easier for them to make those decisions.
    Perhaps even an Alberta evaluation clause. Or a voucher system, or optional union membership.
    All kinds of possibilities, so keep it up BCTF, cause I think you time is coming.