UPDATED: Daughter of Real Housewives of Vancouver star hit in shoulder in drive-by shooting

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UPDATED: Daughter of Real Housewives of Vancouver star hit in shoulder in drive-by shooting

Police won’t confirm that a young woman shot last night at an East Van gas station is the daughter of a local reality TV star.

Shots rang out from a silver SUV at a Chevron station on East Hastings near Vernon Drive last night around 7.

Twenty-eight-year-old Mia Deakin, daughter of Real Housewives of Vancouver star Jody Claman, was hit in the shoulder.

A 27-year-old man with her injured his hand.

The two were taken to hospital, where she remains.

VPD Sergeant Randy Fincham says the man was released from hospital, and then picked up by police on an unrelated warrant.

“We will be looking at any gang connections for this individual, for the man who was shot as a result of this latest shooting.”

No arrests have been made yet in the shooting, which police say was targeted.


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  1. @hh, who else in this world might be a candidate for your thoughts? Frankly, this is the kind of thoughts and behavior that lead to the tragic killing of 3 RCMP officers and the wounding of 2 others. You need help. I hope you seek it.

    I’m surprised ‘NW allowed your post.

  2. insite:
    you are so wrong.
    Your head told you that an argument for justification was made. Your assumtion did exactly what assumptions do.

    Did you ever notice that people who conduct their lives with grace humility and respect for others are almost never victims of a TARGETED shooting.
    On the converse, TARGETED victims are nearly always loud, coarse, superficial and engage in personal and business activities that draw the attention of the police and Revenue Canada.

    Run along now…

    • @hh-At least when you tell me I am wrong, you provided your reasons for doing so-unlike many posters. Having said that, you really are serious, aren’t you?

      Explain then why some people, who apparently came from a family with very high moral and ethical “values,” suddenly took matters in their own hands and very innocent persons were targeted.

      Think Calgary where 5 university students were murdered and Moncton where 3 RCMP officers were slain and 2 others were wounded. Does any Calgary or Monction victim fit your profile? And what about persons who may not agree with your kind of thoughts behind your comments?

      Get some help to re-assess your thoughts before it’s too late.

  3. I hope this victim fully recovers with no long term damage. I am not a fan of the TV Show and it really is not relevant to the conversation. I always thought that a TV Show that glorified a spouse of a gangster (Rikko) was way off base anyway. However, I suspect , given the facts we have , that this young lady reconsiders her circle of friends. It appears that the person who was in the car was the target and that usually does happen without connection to illegal activity. I gas up my Motorcycle at that station on occasion and suppose I could have picked up a bullet as well.

  4. Insite
    stay focused.


    Also, quit making silly assumptions. I didn’t invent those values….I just recited some facts to you.
    You would be fascinated to learn how investigators work – hint – they start by predicting how a reasonable person would think, not necessarilly a logical person (becasue some things transcend logic) or a politically correct person (because politicall correctness is staged and phoney).
    They go to the meat of the matters.

    Did you notice how I’ve enlihtened you without casting aspirsions upon you or tried to label you.