Local group says women need to be more involved in civic politics and city decision making

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Local group says women need to be more involved in civic politics and city decision making

While some say factors such as environmental impact and reducing taxes need to be factored into more of the decisions in civic politics, local group Women Transforming Cities says, a key factor that’s missing in the city’s dialogue is: women.

Spokeswoman Ellen Woodsworth says Vancouver’s “Greenest City” strategy is just one example where a gender equity lense is lacking.

“We’re not looking at recycling in terms of it will probably be women who do the most of the recyling. We are not looking at the fact that women make 80 percent of the business decisions in their families.”

Woodsworth says the group is developing ideas that they’re hoping more candidates and parties running in the upcoming civic elections in November will sign on to.


    • As a staunch dominant male, I must admit defeat, and agree with women running the entire shiteree. Men have made a total mess of it. My wife looks after ALL important family matters. I used to, but ballocksed much of it, until she took over, and I gave up. Look at the animal world. Who are the smarter of the sexes, that think totally different than we men? Male lions for example, lay around in the shade, while the female provides food for the young, and looks after the pride. The males are overstuffed, bogus, useless boobs. Let the women run the world. It couldn’t get any worse!

  1. Ellen Wordsworth is a declared communist whose philosophy demands destruction of the very wealth that makes what was Vancouver successful. Gregor Robertson, the so called Vision Vancouver Mayor has done more damage to the City of Vancouver than any other Mayor in Vancouver’s history. Vision has failed to ignite anything that creates serious jobs, he has rebuffed any activity of industrialization, he has wasted tens of millions of dollars on projects of nonsense. Gregor Roberstson and Ellen Woodworth are of the same cloth promoting failure and totally destruction of the fabric of Vancouver.

    Each love massive taxation, stupid policies that go nowhere and in the end Vancouver is totally denied of its balanced approach to life and business activities.