Teachers, parents and supporters rally outside Education Minister’s office

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Teachers, parents and supporters rally outside Education Minister’s office

A large group of teachers, parents and supporters have gathered in front of Education Minister Peter Fassbender’s Surrey office Saturday morning to rally for more funding.

Mission teacher Jessika Henrich says although Fassbender isn’t even in his office today, teachers and supporters are outside speaking as one voice.

“They had trustee Patty Bacchus here, there were speakers from Unifor and the Surrey educational assistants. Just a range of people from the educational community and other unions coming out to show their support.”

Mission Secondary School teacher Jessika Henrich says she has a question, in response to the government wanting to make some essential service like final exams and report cards mandatory in the event of a full strike.

“Oh wait, you didn’t realize that if you locked us out on the days we mark things we wouldn’t have time to mark them? What?”

Henrich says with less pay, and less time, she doesn’t understand how the government will be able to get teachers to follow through with these proposed essential services.

The BCTF announced it will ask teachers to support a withdrawal of all services in a vote this coming Monday and Tuesday. If a majority approves, the teachers are legally obligated to give three days notice.

Meanwhile government negotiators have asked the Labour Relations Board to make grade 10-12 report cards and final exams essential services.

Rotating strikes will continue next week.


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  1. Oh darn. If I’d known I’d have at least doubled this group with a few hastily called people to show support for the work of the government.
    On second thought, demonstrating to a closed office doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense does it?

  2. If they were protesting for a reasonable increase (similar to what the other unions have settled for) and funding for composition, they would have a great deal more support than for their current stand of large increases for the current group of teachers and then the composition issue.

    • Pattie Bacchus is a basic communist, NDPer and BCTF sycophant. Bacchus just wants more money in her budget to waste on silly programs. VSB is a socialist backwater working in the 20th century and needs top be purged.

      • The Senator McCarthy ghosts are alive and well. They look under every rock to find a socialist and a communist. They clamour for eradication of such despised persons.

        Isn’t amazing that they actually want our government to exercise its majority and power like a communist dictatorship-and break the law to achieve it?

        And they trot out statistics purporting that larger classes have actually improved student achievement outcomes. They ignore the fact that immigrant children, who entered the school system, are probably harder working. Meanwhile the more well-heeled bailed out of the public school system into private schools where there are less special -needs children.

        Ya, why stop with teachers? Fire and jail every socialist as well. And do you know what? Nothing will change.

  3. The picture is misleading….it was after the rally and people were leaving messages at Fassbenders closed office. Guess they were worried a bunch of teachers may show up with red pens. Our mla’s cant be found in Victoria…cant be found in in their constituent office…did someone lock them out and forget to tell us

    • There are 4200 teachers in surrey, this effort by the BCTF is, according to them, fundamental to the future of education in the province along with fighting a wage that is fair for teachers. Why do only a small percentage ever show up to these events?

  4. “Meanwhile government negotiators have asked the Labour Relations Board to make grade 10-12 report cards and final exams essential services.”

    Grade 10 reports are now equivalent to public safety. The LRB is a joke. This is amateur hour.

  5. Several hundred people showed including teachers, their family members and supporters (according to the Vancouver Sun). How many teachers are there in the lower main land and only that small group decided it was worth the effort.

  6. @Commonsense does not believe that IF the government loses its appeal of Judge Griffin’s ruling that the government is only bound to negotiate-not restore the language which allows teachers to bargain class size and composition. Well, he is wrong and here is why:

    In a nutshell is Judge Griffin’s ruling of January 27, 2014.

    The right of teachers to bargain class size and class composition are retroactively restored to the terms of the contract as it existed before Bills 27 and 28 (paraphrased). She only suggested that class size and composition was negotiable in future bargaining.

    There was nothing in law that would compel her to rule that those issues were negotiable. That should and is obvious to anyone who has even the slightest notion about labour negotiations. That sounds clear to me.

    So to repeat, IF the government loses its appeal, Justice Griffin’s ruling will stand and contact language giving the right to bargain class size and composition will be restored retroactively. The words “right of teachers to bargain” class size and class composition suggest the issues are negotiable. Do we need a judge to draw us a picture?

    So once again, “commonsense” demonstrates that he lacks even elementary knowledge of fundamental law and labour relations issues.

    But perhaps it is a case of no commonsense. Combined with flippancy, lack of commonsense is a significant barrier to posting thoughful opinions based on basic research of the facts.

      • @Dwight? You’ve joined the chorus of several other posters who tell me I am wrong-as usual.

        But you, like the others, haven’t presented any evidence to counter my analysis of the facts. Lke my compure screen, I’m waiting…..

        BTW when you quote stats you are simply and conveniently cherry-picking the results to fulfill a self-expectation. Have you not studied “statisical analysis” to understand that there is more to statistics than just numbers?

        This is getting soooo tiresome. Why don’t you stop reading my posts if the truth makes you uncomfortable? Keep responding as you do and you may well lose a few more toes.

        • Still waiting for your to disprove those “trotted out stats”
          I have adopted the same attitude as you and your friends, and they are a list of beauts, just say it is wrong. No need to prove anything, if I say its wrong it must be wrong.
          If you quit involving me in your Rants, I will indeed not read your posts.

    • Again. You have it wrong. I, unlike went to law school. I didn’t study some fluff like philosophy, English or political science. I studied something that is applied.

      Just because the court rules in favour that stripping that from the contract does not mean it will be reinstated. In fact, where this will lead to is that because of the contract would see an expiry date, that would mean that there is no requirement to reinstate. Lack of insite, that’s for sure!

  7. For goodness sake STOP talking to this bunch of spoiled clowns. C’mon Christy there must be a group of non communist teachers . Get rid of the BCTF.
    Publish the true pkg. the wages and benefits cost us.

  8. I knew it was to good be true. Fastbender said year end exams would happen strike or no strike. I wondered how the exams would be done without teachers present but I took his statement for what it was and that he had a plan. Well, well the Education minister is now going to the LRB for essential service on Provincials. For a brief moment I actually had some trust in the government. What a crock for me to believe in this trust idea. No wonder the teachers are infuriated with Clark. Talk about being antagonistic!