Record numbers for Bike to Work week in Metro Vancouver

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Record numbers for Bike to Work week in Metro Vancouver

Better cycling infrastructure and business support are being credited for bringing out cyclists in droves for Bike to Work Week.

HUB Bike to Work Week Program Manager Laura Jane says the program saw record breaking numbers, with over 75 hundred people taking part.

She adds this year almost 60 percent of participants were women — up from 41 percent last year.

She says, “It’s generally accepted as well that more women on the roads is a really good indicator of safer bike infrastructure, becasue women tend to not bike on areas that aren’t as secure.”

She says more companies hosted bike workshops for employees and bike lock-up areas and showers were increased.


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  1. Yes, it has been noticeable.

    Yesterday one blew through a stop sign coming from my right. He was going at least 50 kph. and didn’t realize that the intersection was not a four way stop but a two way stop and that I was not stopping.

    He took evasive action (so there would not be a 100 kph head on collision with me) but he was unable to correct in time. He hit the back left fender of a parked car and crashed into a building.

    He got up swearing at himself and walked away with his damaged bike trying to protect his diginity. He did not even bother to look at the damage he did to the car despite multiple pedestrians yelling at him.

    Like so many other cyclists in riding gear, he was far above the law.

  2. Now if we can get all of the 40, 50, and 60 year old’s biking into work we can convert most of the car lanes into bike lanes. Those folks commuting to work from the burbs on bikes must be in awfully good shape. I’ve often wondered how bike rider’s lungs fair after years of breathing in bumper to bumper car exhaust in their commutes.