Confusion remains re: mandatory minimum sentences for drug-related charges

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A Vancouver lawyer says she’s disappointed she won’t be able to argue against mandatory minimum sentences at the BC Court of Appeal.

The court was set to hear the case of a man who’d been convicted on drug charges.

A provincial judge had refused to impose the mandatory minimum one year in jail, saying it was unconstitutional.

The Crown appealed and Adrienne Smith with Pivot Legal Society planned to argue right back it did violate the man’s rights.

The top court has ruled it won’t discuss the issue because the man actually got a harsher sentence.

“The effect of this decision means  people who are subject to what may in fact be an unconstitutional decision will not have the opportunity to have the court consider that until another case winds itself up to this level of court.”

She says that will take at least a year.

Adrienne Smith of the Pivot Legal Society



  1. I don’t think you’ll be wateing for a year before some one elese is busted for drugs , may be another week if your lucky , and some one elese will be doing time .
    Where the real problem in drug abuse is perscription drugs , that are sold dayly in front of Carnnigy Center , And through your Pharmacy , Just because a Doctor perscribes some thing
    doesn’t make it real safe to use , there are side efects that thay don’t tell you about , and when confrunting them about it they blame it on some thing elese , eather they realy don’t know ;
    or it’s a cover up for the cheeper drugs , that the system will sponcer , and the realy good ones
    are out of reach because the price is way out of line .