Clark wants deal done at bargaining table

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Clark wants deal done at bargaining table

With a full scale teachers strike looming, BC’s Premier says she won’t speculate on what the government’s next step will be,  should job action escalate.

At an event today in Pitt Meadows, Premier Christy Clark responded to BC Teachers Federation President Jim Iker’s request for a one on one meeting by saying she wants a deal to be reached at the bargaining table.

“We’re still a long way apart, and you know the government has made some pretty big moves in the last couple of weeks, and there hasn’t really been a response from the union. So the union needs to come to the table ready to bargain, and that’s really where it should happen.”

Clark says the issue of wages needs to be settled before they can move on to talking about class size and composition.

She adds she won’t speculate whether the government would legislate teachers back to work, should they vote to approve a full scale strike.


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  1. I agree with Clark, wages and benefits needs to be resolved first, and then move onto class size/composition. Why not settle that issue and wait for the Court of Appeal BC – once that decision comes out, the issue of class size/composition may be off the table; then again, it may not be. The solution is a two tier agreement, (1) deal wages first, and (2) defer the class size/composition issue for 2015. Then again, you could always mediate/ arbitrate.

    • Implicit in Clark’s comments is the notion that class size and composition negotiations would be unhelpful to the government cause in the pending appeal. Any offer to restore, even partially, teachers’ right to bargain class size and composition would indicate capitulation on the part of the government. Clearly the government is staying pat with Bills 27 and 28 and going “all in.”

      I agree with you that the BCTF should “reluctantly” agree-kicking and screaming- to deal with wages first.

      Better to have the courts deal with class size and composition. If the court rejects the appeal, the order that pre-2002 contract language be restored should stand. But even if the BCTF wins in the courts, it will continue to have little clout.

      Like you say, mediation/arbitration will be necessary to reach a final sttlement. It is preferable to the legislated settlements. Personally, I favour binding arbitration requiring a Final Offer from each party when they are unable to agree.


      • Before you believe that a court case will determine whether or not we go back to pre-2002 classroom sizes, you are wrong. All the court will determine is if they can negotiate that. The contract was torn up, but that contract expiry has passed which means for both sides it is up for negotiating. End of the day, the case will not guarantee a restoration.

  2. What would those big moves be….??? And this is the lady and party all you lib hacks are supporting…. You are what you believe in and follow… Congrats on following a moron…That makes Liberal supporters…???? I guess I should fill that part in for you too….!!!

  3. I just don’t see the huge deal about class size and composition. Commit to hire a plethora of EA’s from CUPE to help the kids who really do need it and that solves both problems. But of course, the BCTF would never accept this as it does not fatten it’s membership dues.

    • I agree. Money would be far better spent on hiring more EA’s than lowering class size. Of course, as you say, lowering class size would only create more jobs for costlier teachers.

  4. The trouble with hiring more EA’s is that I have heard there are not many applying to school to become EA’s as they don’t make enough money to support themselves. There is a shortage. And it can be a tough job and you have to be a special kind of person in order to deal with some of the challenges these children have. I commend those that do it.

    • Well if that is the case, they are smarter than Teachers, because teachers don’t seem to research what wages and benefits are Before they become Teachers, as is evident by the continual whining..

      • Don’t you have anything else to say. same Blah blah blah…You need a new writer…Are you upset because you’re following a fool, and actually sticking up for her…Way to stay loyal Dwight…!!

        • @Dave: your friend Dwight tried to portray himself as the Voice of Reason until several fatal flaws in his thinking were exposed. He wasn’t very proficient in that role. Now that he has revealed his true colors, you can read him like a cheap novel-very predictable in what he is going to say.

        • dave, here are the results again for you and your adviser “Insite?”

          Completion rates increased from 75% in 2001 to 83.1 % in 12-13
          Aboriginal completion rate increased from 42% in 01 to 60% in 12-13
          Completion rates for special needs increased from 33% in 01 to 59% in 12-13
          ELL completion rates increased from 77% in 01 to 86% in 12-13.
          PISA also showed improvement.
          It is time for the both of you to either prove me wrong or accept the stats.

          • Oohhh…So you are saying that teachers in the province are doing a good job, despite having class composition stripped, and a bushel of identified kids in their classrooms…I would love to see the private schools put up these types of numbers…All they have are hand picked rich kids… Aren’t so many of your buddies Dwight, saying to fire all the teachers…Garbage collectors ,as one person puts it…Your right. With lousy numbers like that how dare we ask for a raise in pay…

          • commonsense…???? What are you trying to say…??? I said based on those stats, which Dwight provided, teachers are doing great, despite all the other things I mentioned…I’m not sure what your point is…Because you don’t have one…Are you disagreeing with Dwight…??He seems pretty sure these are right, and he’s a hater of public education or anything socialist (as long as he takes from it) as well…Exactly like you…Now think real hard and use your big boy words next time…

  5. Why should the teachers even have to bargain for support when it comes to special needs kids.
    Common decency should tell the BC Liberals that teachers are overwhelmed by kids that need on one on one attention, time they don’t have.

      • who said that…??Fassbender…?? didn’t he also claim that the more kids we have in a class the better they’d do, and the amount of students doesn’t make a difference…Makes sense… less help for special needs, and they’ll flourish…More students in a class, and less individual time, will increase the students learning…sounds right to me Dwight, and you’re sticking with that logic…?? Dwight, contact me…I have a great investment for you…!!!

      • Completion rates? You ask a question like that? No student fails. Some need more help than others for a myriad of reasons. There is not enough teacher to spread around. They need class size and class composition changed. That means more teachers need to be hired so there are fewer challenging students per teacher. Then maybe the average student can get an education without so many interruptions. Then maybe the challenged students can get more teacher and they shouldn’t have to wait years for a diagnosis. It’s only a win for the child. For the rest of his/her life.

        Regarding teachers not researching that their wages do not increase after 10 or 11 years, so you’re 24 and land a job as a teacher. When you are 34 your salary stops increasing. For the remainder of your job, unless the government gives you a percentage and a COL. At this point in time, we still need teachers.

        I am not a teacher but an observer.

  6. The government is underfunding education and teachers want to make sure we have class size and composition so they can do there job and give students the best education they deserve. Teachers had this in their contract 12 years ago and want it back! This government needs to put money into education that is public education. That is what teachers are fighting for as well as fair wages.

  7. I can certainly understand why snookums doesn’t want to go one on one with Jim.
    All she wants is YES people around and supporting her.

    Trevor J. You are right. Why should that be a bargaining issue.
    Back when I went to school they had special classes for special kids. That way they didn’t disrupt the class. The other kids could learn the lessons of the day!

  8. so you’re saying she’s an outstanding leader and politician…That makes complete sense now…I was trying to figure you out, but that last post says it all…!!