School trustees to vote on revision to sexual orientation policy

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Vancouver school trustees will vote next week on whether to proceed with revisions to the district’s sexual orientation policy.

Trustee Mike Lombardi says staff has made recommendations following three public meetings and more than one-hundred speakers.

He adds most changes will clarify wording.

“There was one about gender neutral washrooms, everybody thought it was going to create building a new washroom in every school, and that they would become washrooms that would hold more than one person, and so it’s been changed, the wording is very clear, a single stall gender-neutral washroom.”

Under the new policy, schools will try to lessen or eliminate the segregation of students by sex.

The revisions will be discussed June 11th, and could proceed to a vote at the next board meeting on June 16th.



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  1. ” eliminate the segregation of students by sex “. Who thinks this stuff up ? Sex segregates us regardless of what these nut bars think. Unfortunately, no one has the sense to speak up about how ridiculous this all is !!!

    • I agree Murray. We’re raising a bunch of whiny self-absorbed wimps who seem to need a pat on the head and special assistance from the rest of us to poop. It’s absurd that so much energy and expense should be spent on it.

  2. “Sex segregates us regardless of what these nut bars think.”

    That’s a pretty funny comment coming from an anonymous poster on the internet. What “sex” are you, Murray? Can you prove it? Maybe you’re really “Mary” instead of “Murray”?

    Go away, pest.

  3. Politics politics politics… all of this has nothing to do with creating a safer environment for ALL students/children in schools… I saw a small group of people granted with special favour and had the right above ALL race, sex, culture, religion… If you want to talk about equality and human rights. This is a case of minority BULLYING majority!