Distracted driving message not getting through

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Distracted driving message not getting through

Vancouver Police say drivers aren’t getting the message about distracted driving.

Constable Brian Montague says nearly fifty drivers were handed 167-dollar fines for texting or talking while driving on June 4th and 5th.

“It is alittle frustrating, we’re alittle surprised to that it hasn’t sunk in just how dangerous this can be. You got back years and years and seatbelt laws were sort of the big safety concern, now it seems everyone seems to wear their seatbelt, it’s a matter of habit.”

The VPD handed out tickets to more than 97-hundred drivers last year alone for using an electronic device.


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  1. This would suggest that the fines aren’t nearly high enough. There are reports of many repeat offenders. Perhaps $1,000.00 might do it. We shouldn’t forget distracted walking. I’m surprised more walkers aren’t killed stepping off curbs onto roadways without looking up from their computers. Many have become roadkill though.

  2. The neatest thing that I am sure I have seen with distracted driving.
    One of the Queens Cowboys was at a red light heading west on 16th ave at 160 st.
    He had a video camera up to his right eye. His light turned green and he went through the intersection with the camera up to his eye. That had to be far worse than a cell phone.
    I tried to catch up to him but by the time I got through my red light, because he was speeding I didn’t get anywhere near him.
    One of my friends said that he was taking a video of a bad guy.
    Maybe he was. BUT if it was an undercover thing they would have used an unmarked car, not one with lights etc on the roof. And a passenger would be taking the video. NOT THE DRIVER!!

    It was about three summers ago. I sure hope that clown reads this!!!!!!!!!!

    And it’s not sour grapes. I don’t own a cell phone.

    Talk about distracted driving.

  3. The message is out ! People don’t care. The penalty isn’t servere enough. I think it is just as dangerous as impaired driving. Let’s get serious about this. Increase the fine. 500.00 for first offence. Confiscate the phone. Phone is gone to the recycle. Need to get these idiots attention. Do they think the laws are made for someone other than themselves. Get tough now. Save some lives.
    The fine as it stands now isn’t even a months Starbucks money.

  4. We need to make fines commensurate with income. If fines are to work we need to hurt everyone equally. It would also help if cops didn’t have to do so much paper work every time the issue a ticket. Then the cops wouldn’t mind enforcing laws. We did not need a cell phone law. The older distracted driver rule was enough. If cops would enforce it.
    More thoughtless people making thoughtless law, to look after thoughtless people.
    I wonder why it has occurred to no one that rich folks can break laws with impunity as long as they pay their fines.
    Do you think it is because rich folk control things. And. The rest of us just pay our mortgages and don’t even show up to vote.

  5. Escalating scale is the way to go – with no reset to zero for years.
    First offence is $X, second offence is $2X, third offence is $4X etc…
    I think it is Ontario that uses this concept for speeding tickets on Hwy 401.

    This should be a cash cow, that like drinking and driving everyone supports.

  6. I agree with texting but if you sitting at light in a long line of traffic. And you have your phone in your hand how is this unsafe . Another cash cow, next thing if you have a coffee in your hand you’ll be deemed unsafe. Or smoking or having a child in the car.i would like to see for once going after bad drivers doing stupid things . But it’s hard to get your QUOTA for the day doing this.I mean I know how unsafe it is goingover 60 km on the Mary Hill bypass or off the golden Ears bridge . Or how about that 80 km speed limit on hwy 1. it’s all about quick easy tickets and the coffee?

  7. The most dangerous of all distractions is one that is not enforced and not spoken of…GPS

    An audio visual device ON THE DASHBOARD giving directions to the un-oriented is by far the most dangerous. Now multiply that by one hundred when in rental cars driven by tourists.