Fassbender tells BCTF – “Don’t do it!”

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Fassbender tells BCTF – “Don’t do it!”

B-C’s Education Minister promises Provincial Exams, report cards and final grades will not be affected if the teachers union votes to hold a full-scale walkout,

Peter Fassbender is pleading with the teachers’ union NOT to hold a full-scale walkout in the wake of yesterday’s developments from the Labour Board.

That ruling said the government can dock the teachers’s wages by 10% for their initial strike action.

Fassbender says with the full-scale strike, he still not move on back-to-work legislation but will promise students they will finish the end of the school year with what they need.

He says, “We will insure that every graduate will be able to complete their required exam. They will be marked as well as the other grades where exams are critical.”

Fassbender says he recognizes the union’s decreased wages but says it’s still not enough.


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  1. So far I am pleased how our elected Government has dealt with BCTF/teachers. I just hope that once and for all our “educators” will understand who is the employer, who is paying their salary. Mandatory annual reviews should be added to…………let only the best teach BC children.

    • Who’ s going to be doing the reports card and marking tests if we’re on full walkout…??Fassbender…??? that’s a lot of marking…May you more4u…Maybe you can lend your expertise…?? what do you know about Grade 12, Physics…???

        • We’ll get legislated back to work, and that’s when teachers will say F%^K you to Fassbender…he’s gone on record as saying that he’s going to make sure he gets report cards and test marked…Now he’s screwed…If teachers have any balls they’ll stay out on strike regardless of the consequence or noty…then we’ll get back to you and “The Bender” finishing up all those report cards and grading those exams…enjoy more4u…

          • I think you will find there is a clause in the LRB ruling to cover such incidents. Teachers will mark the tests and do the report cards etc..
            Fassbender knows what he is doing. That is why he made the commitment. Lot more commitment than we have had from the BCTF
            It is the “work now, Grieve later rule.

          • you’re wrong Dwight…They WON’T if they are on full blown strike….You’ll have to physically drag teachers into school, even if they’re legislated back to work…This is was the dumbest thing “The Bender” has said during this whole mess…HE INSURES……fassbender has promised this but but no teachers in school, no marks…Teachers need to fight the legislation and stay out….!!! This is the only card we can play…I can’t wait to see Fassbender explain the Grade 12 students why they’re not graduating…I was wrong…The Gov’t doesn’t have all the chips….

    • “The best” are already applying for jobs out of Province where they’ll make more money in places where they can afford to do things like purchase homes and raise families. The teachers know full well who their employers are and who pays their salaries, and the longer this goes on the better the chances of them getting what they pay for.

  2. The BCTF obviously can not see the writing on the wall! Should they vote for a full strike, then they WILL be legislated back to work and a new contract imposed. Teachers will lose again at the hands of the rogue BCTF non-professional labour union.

    Teachers should seriously consider turfing the BCTF that clearly is run by a bunch of radicals for some other employee organization.

    • When only 25-30% of the teachers vote for their leadership, Iker and his radical predecessors only needs about 7000 supporters to hijack the BCTF dragging along the other 34000 members down to their level. Thankfully the most dedicated teachers are not the clowns you see screaming at cars, swinging a picket sign demanding respect which is laughable. When Teachers were once part of a professional association- like doctors and lawyers they acted like professionals and got the respect they deserved. Sadly they are now led by the BCTF, a “trade union” that even the NDP had to legislate back to work, so is it any wonder the public treats striking teachers with the same distain as a striking garbage worker. Unfortunately only the most radicalized are power hungry enough to have leadership aspirations so unless moderates step up to the plate, BCTF zoo will be open to the public.

      • Thank you for saying how majority of British Columbians feel!!!
        Everyone’s fed up! Seems like this is becoming a tradition with the BCTF striking almost every year now. My daughter will be starting kindergarten and she’s already been affected numerous times from this strike. Perhaps we should make a stat holiday out of this annual showdown the BCTF parade year after year.
        I had to bite my tongue this morning picking my daughter up from preschool. Across the street is her soon to be elementary school and here are a bunch of garbage workers… as you so correctly put it.. Waving their banners around. My goodness let me tell ya I never had such an urge to flip the bird at those idiots. I was then scrambling around my car looking for a tomato or some type of fruit to chuck at them. Lol
        Clearly that wouldn’t have happened but that’s how I feel.
        I am praying the Govnt keeps there foot down and the harder the BCTF push the worse results that will conclude for them.., Shutting them up for good!

        • Maybe you should put her in private school Amy…I’m sure those teachers at that school can’t wait to have your kid…I mean you as a parent…You sound like a real gem… Oh, and when your child is stuck in class with 30 kids, and 5-6 special needs student be sure to blame the teachers for your child’s lack of progress…. You get what you pay for Amy, and it sounds like you’re OK, with an unfunded system…

      • j, have you any idea what you are talking about at all, research how the bctf president is elected, ours is one of the most democratic unions ever, bar none

        almost every teacher at my school has been out at lunch during our lockout and everyone during the strike

        j, u should research your history and see that it was the social credit government led by bill vanderzalm who gave us a choice, and we made our choice

        j, please look at the candidates who choose to become leaders of the bctf, and there many years of experience and union work it takes to become a leader of the bctf

    • screw legislation…If teachers strike, they need to stay on strike… Cut their wages, put them in prison…If teachers are serious about getting a contract we stay on strike regardless of legislation….Make them drag us back into work…

  3. The biggest trend in education is the growth of private education opportunities. This is not just for the “rich”, as the politics of envy progressives would have you believe. Most private schools have waiting lists, while public schools are being closed for the lack of students. Given a choice, many parents will choose a private model. They should have that option. The BCTF, like most progressive organizations, prefers a monopoly environment where what they say goes, and anyone who doesn’t like it doesn’t count and should be silenced.

    The only reason the BCTF has any power is because of the quasi-monopoly the government has in education. Allowing more of the money to be used by parents in the school of their choice is the only way out. This system has been broken for 30 years and is beyond repair.

    • @ John. How can you say that private education is not for the “rich”? Are private schools really “private” when they are subsidized by the government (they get 50% of the public school per-student grant).

      Private schools are for the rich with tuition fees running anywhere from $5000 to $30,000 per student per year. So with my family of 5 (3 kids) it will cost me over $15,000 per year in tuition alone! Now who can afford that?

      The BC taxpayers pay for private schools already at a tune of around $500 million per year! Why doesn’t this government take away their funding and make private schools truly private? (see the attached article)


      • Independant schools are subsidised by government/taxpayers (which incudes school tax) to ensure that the BC curriculum is taught to all students. This oversight must be in place so the credits of one school are equal to another.
        Your figures are very inflated as well or for specialized schools such as St Georges. Most independant schools have many ways of meeting different needs as well. All students are not from perfect well-off 2 parent families. I’m afraid you’re blindly trusting the wrong sources.

    • John John John, I am your biggest fan!!
      You clearly have done your research and are bang on when it comes to the high demand and waiting lists for private schools vs public. People are just plain fed up! I can’t tell you how many parents at school and friends, family, coworkers are sick of all this!! I’d say apprx 60% of parents I speak to have their children in private school or home school their kids.

      • 60% ..Eh…???How many people do you know 3….??60%… !! Oh let me guess you live in West Van…Ohhhh, that that makes sense…Ask the people in the Tri-cities, how many kids are in private school…I’d bet its a little lower…

  4. Confirmation from the Minister- At least I can tell my kids now that all final exams including provincials will go ahead no matter if there is a full scale strike by Teachers. That’s one important issue dealt with now.

    • Yeah ok good luck with that!

      I’m sure the teachers will do it during the last 3 days of of school (June 25,26, 27th). The problem is they are all locked out during those days! (the Christy Clark lock-out)

  5. If the teachers vote for a full scale strike, Christy Clark will finally get involved ONLY by legislating them back to work without a contract. This is exactly what she has been waiting for. She creates an antagonistic situation then bullies them into submission.

    That is what she does best – bully!

    • So Dan, what option would you like. 1) a protracted full scale strike with no legislation, or 2) an unaffordable agreement giving the BCTF everything it wants? The BCTF has demonstrated since their inception that there is no middle ground with them. Are you so naive to think that this is not what the BCTF has wanted all along? This validates their union, their union executive and lights the torches of its militant members.

      I am really getting tired of whiners throwing around the bully label whenever someone takes a stand against their position. Seems that in some people’s world, being strong and consistent is the equivalent of being a bully. Not from where I sit.

    • Didn’t she say she was going to get rid of bullying? Oh, that’s right, she wasn’t talking about her own party. Isn’t this form of government titled, “Divide and Conquer?”

    • we stay off…Make Fassbender and Clark come to the schools and actually drag them back into school….You’ve lost “Bender” by saying report cards and test will be marked…teachers unite…this is the time to fight, when we get legislated back to work…STAY OFF… Don’t go back…When you fight a bully, you have to go all the way…I’d like to see Fassbender get his way out of this when report cards aren’t completed…Trying explaining to the Grads of 14…Why they won’t be accepted to University this year… I hope you have a lot of Red pens Bender, because you have a lot of marking to do…

  6. BC education is broken! (and broke) The teachers, support staff, parents and students are fed up!

    The liberals broke it (back in 2002) and I say let them (the government) fix it. They’re the ones getting paid the big bucks to govern. Can’t they come up with something creative and fix this whole mess? I’m betting they probably can’t since they’ve had over 13 years to do it!

  7. We have our kids in independat school it cost me and my wife $3500 per year for both. We already have to pay for public education even though we do not use it, just think if they ever shut down independent schools public could not handle the surge of students ! The bctf needs to go !

      • Applause to you Chris!
        I find the majority of supporters along side the BCTF are either those who do not own homes (thus not having to pay a dime in property tax) or perhaps they have a family member who is a teacher or better yet are required to better educate themselves and go back to school!
        Either way to the BCTF and your supporters … from many families to yours… Grow up. If you’re not happy in your career choice get another. Macdonalds is always hiring!!

  8. Peter Cameron is making $225.00 per hour plus $10,000.00 for expenses as the chief negotiator, while my children’s wonderful wonderful teachers, many of who are giving far more than 100% (even while being locked out) are being deducted 10% of their wages.
    Maybe Cameron wants to drag this thing out – he makes more money if he does. Schools and kids are not going to win here -just the lawyers and government bureaucrats.
    I am very much in favour of frugal government, for NOT padding the wallets of bureaucrats , and for paying educated, front line workers a fair wage.

  9. Paul you don’t seem to get it. Fastbender knows that Iker has the attitude of a defiant 3 year old so he’s telling him never to stick a fork into the electrical outlet. Iker is so busy beating his chest trying to look like the tough union boss that he doesn’t t even know he’s is being goaded into taking his members out thus saving the government 135 million a week in teacher and CUPE salaries. Fastbender is a genius and by the time Iker realizes he’s been had he’ll look like the charred remains of a cable thief who unexpectedly located the hot wire.

  10. Possibly the best two parts of this article:

    “We will insure that every graduate …” the classic insure/ensure mistake … Fassbender needs an editor?

    “Fassbender says with the full-scale strike, he still not move on back-to-work legislation” … MacDonald needs an editor?

    The bunch of them could definitely have benefited from smaller class sizes, might have learned how to write, perhaps?