BCTF strike pay running low

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BCTF strike pay running low

BC public school teachers have been informed the union war chest is running dry.

The union has told its members it only has enough money to pay for three more strike days.

Daily strike pay for members is fifty dollars.

BCTF spokesman Richard Overgaard wouldn’t say when exactly that money will run out.

But, he says teachers will go into next week’s vote on whether to hold a full-scale walkout, knowing they’d be on such picket lines without any strike pay.

Overgaard downplays the situation, saying members have long planned for and been aware of this possibility.

The full-scale strike vote is set to take place Monday and Tuesday.


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  1. Too funny! So when the BCTF cannot afford to pay the teachers, they just tell the teachers “tough luck – too bad, so sad”. Why don’t they do what they are asking the government to do – go borrow it then increase the tax the members have to pay the union to cover the debt and cost of borrowing? After all, it is about the kids!

  2. I guess they`ll have to take a second mortgage on one of their properties then ? If I were a teacher I would be outraged. BCTF`s ” Union Dues” are amongst the highest in the province.

        • Teacher’s pay into their pension fund. It is not funded by the government. The fund is then invested and it grows. For example the Ontario Teacher’s pension fund (paid for by teachers) once owned the Maple Leafs but sold it for a huge profit.

          • That is simply not true. Teachers pay 12.5% of their salary up to a certain salary limit, then 14.6% thereafter. Taxpayers top this up with 14.6% of the teachers salary up to the limit, then 16% thereafter. Note that taxpayers, many of them without their own pensions, are contributing more to the teacher pensions than teachers are.

            Also, this is a defined benefit plan, meaning the teachers pension is never at risk. Markets could crash, bad investment could be made, but teachers would not be on the hook for those loses – taxpayers would have to make up any shortfall.

            How sweet it is!

          • R…….you know what, my future pension is not funded by the Government either. I try to save and invest in hopes that my investments will do OK to support me when retiring, who knows when, perhaps when I am 70 or more?

          • you need to do your research into your own pension. It is primarily funded by the government. Like all pensions – you do contribute to it – unlike all pensions the government contributes on a dollar to dollar basis. The guaranteed defined pension of a teacher receives yearly is the average of their 5 best paid years of employment. What does this mean? A teacher with 25 years of experience on the current contract will have a pension of close to $80000/year. The only ones who get more are politicians……..just go to the BCTF website to see this. Then do us a favor – do a little research on what the average Canadian gets in relation to this. You might not feel as bad about what you have

          • I think you all better do a little more research into a Teachers pension……. they are in The Municipal Pension Plan. Their contributions are matched dollar for dollar by the employer. And that is the end of Government responsibility. Their pension is based on their best 60 months, not their best 5 five years and an average Teacher gets nowhere near $80,000.00 a year from their pension. The “defined” part is determined by the pension board not the Government. I’m not a Teacher but I’m in the pension fund. So, if you are going to talk about their pensions at least have your facts straight.

          • Wow, that is so typical of today’s teacher. Not only does the taxpayer pay more into your pension fund as stated correctly already, that amount of contribution has grown by about 25% since the 2008 crash. But, you are a teacher, so you are very likely unaware of trivial matters like stock market crashes.

          • R. The Ontario Government just paid over a BILLION dolars into the Teacher Pension.
            One of the Maritime Provinces just topped up their Teacher pension by over a BILLION also.
            Are you seriously try to tell us that your total pension is paid by Teachers???

  3. Union dues are just over $2000 per year or $100 per paycheque.

    Union dues have been used in court costs fighting the Liberals–and the teachers have won TWICE, but then there’s the appeal.

    That teachers are willing to strike and not receive strike pay speaks to their resolve and their to their commitment to a public education worth saving. Listening, Christy?

    • Wow. You’re just swallowing everything they’re feeding you aren’t you? I’d be hopping mad and demanding to see the books if I were in your place. How dare they carry this on for over a year and then leave you without a bit to carry you through at the end of the year. It’s crazy!

    • Ok, can we assume you do not teach math? Suppose there are about 25,000 teachers paying full dues at the $2,000/year that you quote. $50,000,000/year and they cannot afford strike pay? No wonder you win some court cases if it was all spent on lawyers fees as another teacher suggested.

      Btw, $100/month and $2,000/year are quite a bit different, just so you know.

      • @John:

        My previous response was deleted because I challenged you math skills. Aldina’s math is correct based on 2 pay cheques per month times ! 10 months. That’s 20 x $100- $2000.00 per year

        While Aldina may not teach math, it is you that needs a math lesson equivalent to fifth grade. You’re like Don who calculated that a $1000 raise to each teacher will cost me $1000.

        Before you question someone else’s math credentials, you might want to put your brain in gear before spouting off.

    • Bet ole Iker wishes he had some of the millions they spent supporting the No Democracy Party in the last Provincial election today.
      Jim is the latest in a long line of far-left radicals to run the BCTF . . .

      Who in their right mind would pay $2000 a year in union dues? Most unions pay about half that. While the teachers enjoy a benefit package that most folks can’t even dream about or hope to ever have . . . they just want more and more.

      In the Real World . . . employees have to justify productivity increases or increased contributions to their employer to negotiate an increase . . .

      In the world of the teachers they just WANT, as the education system has been in decline for decades and Social Engineering has taken the place of the three Rs.

  4. Unbelievable! After only 2 days per teacher to date and they’re out of money to pay for their action? I find that to be either inaccurate information or very disturbing mismanagement.

  5. So, is there enough money to pay the bennies that the union is on the hook for after June 1, or do the teachers have to pay their own medical bills? My recall is that it was estimated that the BCFT would have to fork out about $5 million per month until they settled.

  6. I laughed so hard I almost drive into a picket line. Is this the same big tough BCTF led by “General Ike” who only last week was beating his chest declaring he was “leading the charge” in bargaining for all public sector unions? And the “war chest” is dry after only a week of rotating strikes? That’s like parachuting into enemy territory, only to be told they forgot to bring extra bullets. If Iker was leading the invasion of Normandy, sauerkraut would be Canada’s national dish.

    I invite Teachers to complete the skill-testing questionaire: Pick A or B

    A. Accept the 6.5% increase on top of a $90,000 compensation package and spend your $1500 signing bonus on a soothing summer vacation throwing lawn darts at Christy Clark or General Ike.

    B. Walk a hot picket line for the entire summer with no strike pay, no signing bonus, only to be legislated back in September for exactly the same money.

  7. Classic example of a ‘rogue’ Labour Union Who not only thinks it is an absolute right to ‘extort’ money from the taxpayer, but also ‘extort’ money from their members.

    The BCTF is managed by idiots who have completely adopted a concept of living in another world. No wonder the BCTF demands are so high as they seriously want to increase their membership and teacher wages so they can justify massive increases to member dues.

    Teachers should be outraged and force the entire BCTF into oblivion. If the BCTF continues their stupid ways, then Teachers can look forward to paying more in dues than they pay in Provincial taxes. By the look of things, Teachers will lose more than they will ever gain as a result of BCTF stupidity.

    • Is this what will eventually happen in BC . . .
      A district in the city of New Orleans will close all of its city-run schools next week. Permanently. The teachers will never again exercise the strike threat against the district.
      Charter schools have replaced the public schools. Charter schools are funded by taxes, but they do not answer to elected officials. Elected officials can no longer count on support from the teachers’ union. Charter schools can fire teachers. They can replace teachers. Union membership counts for nothing. Wages will become competitive. Coercion has been reduced. Teachers will get paid closer to what they are worth.