Another bus driver attacked

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Another bus driver attacked

Another Metro Vancouver bus driver has been assaulted.

Gavin Davies with the bus drivers’ union says a driver was punched this morning on the 3-24 route on 132nd near 69th.

He says a passenger started pointing out his stop to the bus driver even after the driver told him they weren’t there yet.

He says,, “The passenger then spoke again — ‘Oh, my stop! my stop!” and as he did it a second time, the operator was approached and stopped, the passenger punched him in the mouth.”

Davies says the driver suffered a split lip that will likely need stitches, while police are looking for the suspect.


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  1. Unfortunately, maybe it’s time to have the driver enclosed in some sort of protective barrier which would still allow them to converse with passengers but not be able to be physically attacked. The punishment for perps isn’t working, and I don’t think ‘public education’ will make any difference.