Mission Council turns down request regarding former drug houses

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Mission Council turns down request regarding former drug houses

The Executive Director of Mission’s Chamber of Commerce is disappointed, after she says council refused efforts to curb how drug houses affect property values.

Michelle Favero says she and other groups asked Mission councillors to change bylaws and require property owners to bring their houses up to health and safety standards, if they’ve been used in drug activity.

She says, “These houses are selling for below market value mostly often for cash because they’re not available to regular financing, subject to CMHC or even insurance.”

Favero says the median market value could take a big hit with how many grow-op houses she suspects are in Mission.

But she says council turned her down because her efforts were “alarmist,” opting to give prospective homebuyers a brochure.

Mission’s Mayor has not returned a request for comment.


  1. I have been saying indoor cannabis cultivation has been affecting house prices and rent for a long time. But I do not predict legalization. Too much money is going in the right places. I see Canada going more the route of the US with private prisons an high percentages of incarceration.
    Cannabis prohibition causes more problems than it solves, and costs the tax payers dearly. With the costs of interdiction and incarceration. Not to mention the lost opportunities with other uses of cannabis, Like biodegradable plastics, and alternate fuel.
    But in our rich nation we can’t even get folks out to vote, let alone educate them selves.
    No the boobs will keep paying and suffering. There will be no end to cannabis prohibition.

    • Nobody is ever incarcerated for simple possession. Even the cultivators don’t receive jail time. Don’t believe what the marihuana legalization activists are telling you.

      • Marc Emery was extradited to the US for selling seeds. But the real reason is for his anti prohibition stance. The establishment is not worried about simple prevention at this time. But they can still put you in jail for simple possession. They will however put you in jail for rallying against prohibition.
        Cannabis has been being used for many more thing than medication and recreation for thousands of years. It is one of the most useful plants, that WAS known to man. Now it is only known for getting high, even it medicinal properties are no longer know. There are hundreds of different types of cannabis most won’t get you high. Cannabis was originally made illegal in the US because it was competing with oil production. They only used the stoner aspects of it to sell to an unsuspecting public. It was much easier to say we need to do it to keep it away from the kids.Than. We have an oil industry with powerful lobbyists that say cannabis will hurt their evolving profitability.

        • Maybe Marc EMERY shouldn’t have dealt drugs to people in the United States.

          I hope you don’t pretend to know what was in the minds of law makers when marihuana was listed as a controlled substance. If you think that it was because it was competing with oil then wouldn’t the big bad oil companies be trying to outlaw everything that can produce so called bio-fuel? From what I have observed, oil companies try to produce oil in any form that that is profitable to them. If it was a viable source of fuel then you would think the oil companies would lobby the government to make it legal to produce for fuel production.

          Marihuana is listed as a controlled substance because it is used by people to get high and the side affects are detrimental to people’s health, not because you can make fuel from it.