Another familiar name considering running for Mayor for NPA in Vancouver

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Another familiar name considering running for Mayor for NPA in Vancouver

Another familiar name could be added to the growing list of candidates who may run for Mayor under the NPA banner on Vancouver council.

Former NPA Park Board Commissioner Ian Robertson confirms he’s had a “conversation” with the party about what role he could play in the upcoming civic election this fall.

It was three years ago when Robertson left politics but at that time he never ruled out a return.

In an interview Robertson says he’s disappointed with the direction the city is going under the leadership of Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and feels now may be the time to step back into the political ring.

Robertson is currently executive director of the Tourism Industry Association of B-C.

Meanwhile former Vancouver Sun Managing Editor Kirk LaPointe is said to also be considering a run for the mayor’s chair under the NPA banner.



  1. He’s disappointed with the direction the city is going under Mayor Moonbeam ???

    That might just be the understatement of the year !!

    Bike lanes, backyard chicken coops , restricted traffic flow for the street the Mayor lives on ….the list goes on forever. why anyone in Vancouver would vote for Gregor is beyond me.

    • Cause no one cares about backyard chickens, more people bike than you think and he’s done a decent job running the city unlike the constant tax hikes and financial handouts like the downtown ambassadors to the business community we saw under the NPA.

      • You can’t be serious.If you don’t think that Vision has been raising taxes far beyond what most people think is reasonable I think you might be smoking the wrong tobacco.But I guess if you don’t pay property taxes or drive a car,for example,you wouldn’t notice.
        Mayor Moonbeam has been a total disaster for people who work for a living,own their own homes,and have no other means of getting to work that their own vehicle.Though I cancede that cyclists and city chickens have fared much better.
        And I am still not satisfied with his explanation to questions asked about his involvement with Tides Canada.The Canadian branch of Tides USA that is beholden to American left wing “charitable foundations”.

  2. I’d call it more of a dictatorship- with a puppet on stage and others pulling the strings.
    As for why anyone would vote for Gregor- well majority of people didn’t vote in the last election but Vision considered they had a “mandate from the people”.
    It’s no surprise when the public is disenfranchised with a city hall that does exactly as it pleases with no accountability.

    • Who is this guy-an imposter?

      Some while ago, did someone else with the name Sullivan throw his hat into the mayority race?

      Vancouver votters are not that uninformed to get confused by the same last name.