North Van parents want to keep district meet on track, despite teacher strike

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North Van parents want to keep district meet on track, despite teacher strike

North Vancouver’s district-wide track meet set for tomorrow was cancelled last week because the teachers’ rotating strikes are hit the District on the same day.

But dozens of parents have stepped in to keep the event on track.

Matt Young, whose son goes to Braemar Elementary, says parents found out last week the year-end meet at Swanguard Stadium in Burnaby would be cut because of the strikes.

“It’s unacceptable to the kids so we’re doing something about it.”

He says about 100 parents have volunteered to make sure kids will still be able to run the relay or throw the shotput tomorrow.

As many as 1,800 kids are usually expected, but parents are still trying to get the word out the meet is still on.

Jones says it’s not meant to be any kind of political statement, but to merely say that kids should be first.


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    • Yes Ronny and great Liberals hordes from non other than North Vancouver! I guess this is to make teachers look bad, so Jonney can throw them heavy shot putters not to be a political statement, huh huh!

      • @Ken280 get a grip! Not only are the kids put into the middle of this but so are the parents. We can go no direction without people like you who resort to personal attacks!

        If we don’t agree 100% with the Teacher’s we are labeled teacher haters and Liberal supporters! How about you commend the parents on being parents and trying to make the last month of the school year about the kids regardless of the political battle!

        If these kids were anything like our children they have been trying out and training for the last month and they deserve to be able to go. If you ask any Teacher I am sure you will hear how they wish they could go! Your comments are completely insulting to not only to the parents but these children!

        Bravo to these parents for stepping up for all those children!!

  1. Great. WE need to have Parents doing a lot more around the schools. The school unions have got to much control. There are lots of things Parents could do at no cost.
    About time we took our schools back.

    • Sounds awesome Dwight…Thanks for Volunteering…I’ll see you Monday and Friday Mornings at 7AM fo Volleyball practice in September…The games are on Wednesday from 3:30PM to 5:30PM…I need anotehr coach, it will be great to have you aboard…Just making sure you understand that you won’t be getting paid, and the season runs about 2 1/2 months…See you there…Oh yeah…I’ll put you down for teh Basketball season in December as well…The schedule will be about the same….

      • Sorry Dave, I already Volunteer at another district,as often as I can.
        Thanks for the offer though, but I am involved in Hockey and Baseball, but seeing that your are not on the Job perhaps you could help me during the summer. Oh yeah,you don’t do anything during your 2 months vacation.

        You see Dave others do a lot of volunteer work not just Teachers.
        Actually the only time I get paid to volunteer is when I work/volunteer for the school. Another Union rule. You must be familiar with that?

        • Sure you do…And by the way I also have a child, and I coach all these sports as well, but who cares right…Your so right, teachers suck, we never do enough, we always complain, we always want more money…ETC ETC ETC…Am I missing anything or are you just going t continually say stupid things until I stop posting…??? And by the way I don’t get paid for 2 months either, what other crap can you keep drumming up…You must have an original thought or comment Dwight…You appear so smart…!!!

    • Volunteer away. You can volunteer as much as you want for extra curricular all the live long day. Don’t see many doing it. I wonder why. Oh it’s usually after hours and unpaid. I know- let the lazy teachers do it. Idiot.

      • We do volunteer and some of us “all the live long day”. We are there to support the schools and teachers especially when asked, we are participants in PAC and some play vital roles on the executive, we raise funds to support the schools and our teachers and that’s after our working hours and unpaid!

        Maybe “L” it’s just you who doesn’t see it or by the sounds of things appreciate anything.

    • Its great to see that you’ll be helping out too next yaer Kim…We have cross country for you…3 afternoons a week, and then ONLY 3 Cross countrymeets on the weekends….We aso have a Track and field spot available in the Spring too…Wow this was easy…Who knew that a strike would bring all these helpful parents to are rescue…You are great parents, and your kids will llove you for giving up your own time for them… Just like I do for my students, even though I have a son who doesn’t get to see me when I do all these activities atround the school for FREE…. looking forward to working with you all…..

    • kim and Dwight…I’m waiting…Will we be seeing both of you next year…???We have a free T-shirt if you come and help…Let me guess, you work so hard that you don’t have time to volunteer like us freeloading, lazy, good for nothing teachers…If we weren’t making you pay so much taxes, you’d be able to volunteer more instead of working to keep us teachers in BMW’s and European vactions…. Sorry about that…

      • Dave, your the same Teacher who believes your are entitled to more benefits then CUPE workers because you have a degree!
        If Volunteering is such a hard ship for you Don’t Volunteer.
        Seems the volunteer program is working just fine. Witness the Track Meet.
        You are saying that Parent don’t volunteer enough, Dave.. Well I think you better take a good look around your school to see how many Parent are there Volunteering. Teachers seem to think they are the only one who Volunteer.
        AS far as helping you out, I don’t think I could work with anyone as arrogant and condescending as you . But hey, thanks for the offer.

  2. Now this is a great story. It’s great to see parent’s involved in school activities, it’s too bad that it took a strike by teachers to get parents involved. (Notice that it’s North Vancouver where this is taking place, many parents in other areas do not have the luxury to do so.)

  3. It’s time to do away with school sports. Put everything in the community, where parents and others can volunteer freely, and school teams that get around seasonal rules by calling themselves a club outside of school time can just get on with it.

    • hahahahahaha…this is the funniest post I’ve seen all day…Thanks for the laugh….Ask those kids who play hockey and soccer at a decent level how much do they pay for their child’s sport…My nephew plays select soccer in the HPL…and he pays $3000 a year, and that’s not a typo…You know why…???Because they pay some community coach $20,000 a year to coach…again that’s not a typo…Ask the parent who’s kid plays hockey how much a season cost…5-7 thousand a year…I’d love to meet these free community coaches so willing to give their free time…Hahahahhaha…Would the morons who post on these threads please do your research and quit embarrassing yourself…

  4. Now you see the real truth with teachers coming forward in the above thread. So what the teachers are saying is they work 9-3 with an hour for lunch. The way I figure is they are about 40 percent short of a full day. So simple. Cut the wages 40 percent and now lets see if they want to come in early twice a week for 2 hours. These Unions have to go now. Citizens are sick and tired of being taxed to death. What do these these foolish teachers not get?? And this is the crap they are teaching our kids.

    • your so right Big…That’s exactly the time teachers work…Your so smart..Let me guess you’re you just made up these stats…??!! I think its more like 10-2Pm a day with every second Friday off….And this is the crap they are teaching our kids. is that really happening..??? We spend all day teaching the kids why we should be getting a raise….Let me guess you never received a formal education is that right big..Hence the name “Big” did you just learn to spell this, and all by yourself….Well done…Taxed to death…Why don’t you ask translink where your money goes 17 cents a liter goes to them…Do you use transit that much….???I don’t…I use it 3-5 times year…Here’s another tax to death…. BC Health care…Do I use health care a lot…. no…!!! Your so right…Its the those lousy teachers who are causing these massive tax burdens…Is there one intelligent person that can at least put forth an intelligent and FACTUAL comment to support their arguement that teachers don’t deserve a raise…??? Just one please…

      • Dave, I honestly hope that you are not one of BC teachers, your hatred comes through too much…… no way are the right person to educate BC students….they deserve much better………

      • Dave, do you realize what a moron you sound like ? Your English is terrible and if you’re an example of Teachers in this Province (and I don’t think you are) the Education is really in more trouble than we all think.

      • The same tired old garbage about they only work 9-3. Geez. Take a chance and follow one around for a week and see what they really do. You’d probably quit like our Preem- too lazy to get a degree so she quit. Our own little Sarah Palin. Both as deep as a bird bath.

      • More4U…I’m impressed with your extensive vocab, amazing comebacks, and grasp of the the English language…What exactly is “pathedic” anyway…??? Please explain…Does that mean GOOD, or Bad…Also I was wondering about the word “Valuation”..I’m assuming that means EVALUATION, but I’m not sure…Also this beautifully written sentence “you no way are the right person to educate BC students….” You are proof that we need more money in the system…Just imagine what you could have written if you’d had a better education…

        • Dave they are jumping on you! keep up the fight these are Liberal insiders! Ron_26 he comments on every story and they will attack,they follow each other for support then deflect and defend anything and everything against the Liberals! You need to get other teachers here, but have fun, the insiders they are being paid to do this! The Goernment will break the laws and they will say its good,So this is where you are, the one that is the best fighter here is Insite and he is on the what is right side, fair and articulate in English!

        • Dave, it is people like you that gives Teachers the reputation they have. The likes of you that make people demand an anual evaluation of Teachers.
          You are a condescending, arrogant, bully. If you job is as bad as you make it , man up and Quit,

      • I didn’t think we had so many stupid people in this province. Big and more4u want to drive this province into the ground. Lower wages mean less spending, less of everything. If you want to kill the unions move to the US see how great things are down there, have fun to the race to the bottom.

  5. Dave these guys don’t even show up to vote. They think democracy is a right. Once the government finishes gutting all the services, all we will be left with is police and prisons. And the clever citizens won’t even be allowed to complain. I do have to admit I had a little chuckle at your rant. Until i saw how ignorant of life most of the posters are. Then I was just sad.

    • OH, we showed up to Vote alright. Did you not understand the results of that vote.
      If I remember correctly it was your party that was whining about not getting their supporters votes out.
      Your side really seems to have trouble with facts.