Abbotsford Police arrest an imposter

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Abbotsford Police arrest an imposter

Abbotsford Police have arrested a 47-year-old local man and charged him with 4 counts of Personating a Peace Officer.

Constable Ian MacDonald says Charles David Parent has an extensive criminal history.

He says, “He actually has convictions for Personating a Peace Officer and Fraud. And so not terribly surprised that 4 additional of Personating a Peace Officer have been approved.”

MacDonald says they aren’t sure as to the motive – whether to steal money or increase status.

He adds, “One of the more unusual aspects of this investigation and these incidents are that Mr. Parent not only tried to convince people that he was a peace officer but he actually displayed a badge, both to someone working in the criminal justice system in the court environment, as well as to an APD officer.”

The latest charges relate to incidents which took place in late 2013 and early 2014.


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    • Yes the criminal code definition is “Personate” which is a real word that means for the purpose of the criminal code:

      “Pretend to be, especially for fraudulent purposes such as casting a vote in another person’s name.”

      It is specific typically to voter fraud but the Criminal code uses the term for everything even though in this context they really mean “impersonate.”