Mutilated black bear discovered in North Vancouver

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Mutilated black bear discovered in North Vancouver

The North Shore Black Bear Society wants residents to be on high-alert for someone who could illegally be killing wildlife, after the carcass of a mutilated black bear was discovered in Capilano River Regional Monday.

Spokesperson Christine Miller says the bear’s skull and claws were removed, and stomach slashed open.

“The total disregard for this beautiful animal by mutilating it like this is very disturbing, and then to not care about human safety by dumping it in a regional park is just an extra disturbing thought.”

She adds “We need people to be diligent, to be aware of anything suspicious, in case this is somebody who is illegally killing wildlife. We don’t know if that’s the case, but if it is, we need people to be aware that this is happening, so they can alert the police if they see or hear something.”

The Conservation Office is investigating if the bear was illegally killed or dumped.

Hunting is not allowed on the North Shore.


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  1. Generally when the public is asked to be “on high alert” for a suspect, a description is offered. If there is no description, other helpful clues are offered.

    None were offered in this one…why?

    Was the gall bladder removed?
    If so, why was that not mentioned?

    Are we writing a story to ostensibly bleed for bears or are we trying to catch the perp.?