Surrey high school student organizes walkout to protest teacher strike/lockout

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A Surrey high school student is frustrated with the ongoing strike talks between government and teachers.

She’s taking action to show students are sick of being put in the middle.

The ongoing teachers strike is not showing any signs of resolution and tomorrow begins the second week rotating job action.

Lord Tweedsmuir grade twelve student Victoria Barker says it’s time for a change in the negotiation process.

“Students should attend their classes in the morning and get up and walk out and hit the streets with their signs to protest that we are done. The plan is to last the whole day I thought the longer we could be out there it would should that we are serious and fed up.”

The walk is planned for Wednesday and according to the “Save our Students” Facebook page, almost 7-thousand students will be participating.

Victoria was speaking on CKNW’s Morning News with Jill Bennet.


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    • @Mike: Good comment! Well said! But you didn’t go far enough…

      Why wait for the kids to not show up? Just like teachers lost a day’s pay for staging rotating strikes, admin staff should have been docked 100 percent. When teachers and kids did not show up on those days, what work did admin staff do?

      Then you could add an additional 10 percent pay deduction from admin pay as the partial lock out reduced its work load as well.

      • Well, you certainly know very little. If CUPE did not cross the picket line, they do not get paid. If they showed up to work and did work, they are paid.

        As for the admin, their jobs aren’t to assist teachers. Teachers walked out and called a strike. They either show up and work according to what the day asks for or they do not cross the picket line.

    • The government subsidizes each student. For walking out, they should be billed by the ministry. Government docks pay for teachers striking (and apparently working to rule), so someone needs to pay for the student walk out.

  1. I say that the students are still young and very impressionable.

    I wonder which socialist teacher is truly behind this idea.

    Our children should stay in the class room, and this labour issue should be sent to binding arbitration.

  2. Just a few points to consider:
    The rotating strike would have had little effect on students.
    The govt lock-out of teachers is having a huge effect on students. Thanks to Clark & Fassbender.
    The letter that the govt sent to teachers was not thought out at all, lock them out and then say that you didn’t mean all of it – huh?
    Dock the teachers 10% and then say sorry, not at all of you – huh?
    Clark and Fassbender and that sorry lot should hang their heads in shame.
    It seems to me that this govt wants the public to get on board and send their kids to private schools. Govt gets to pay 50%, parents get to pay 50%. Win/win for the govt. The public schools can be for the kids whose parents can not afford the private system. Who cares about those kids and all of their problems? Not this govt, with the highest child poverty rates in the country. Come on parents, do your homework. Support these teachers and our kids.